Israel-Hamas Conflict and Its Impact on the Travel Industry

The impact of Israel-Hamas conflict on the travel industry is quite detrimental, with many tourists canceling their holiday vacations, and cruises, not only to the zone of conflict but to other parts of the world as well, as a precautionary measure. 

Impact of Israel-Hamas Conflict on the Travel Industry

Impact of the Israel-Hamas Conflict on the Travel Industry

A conflict that started a couple of weeks ago has turned into a full-blown genocide in Gaza and a war of the words on social media. Israel shows no signs of reeling in its anger and continues to send hundreds of Palestinians every day to their grave. People all around the world fear that a third World War is right around the corner, unless or until the world leaders take the necessary steps to stop the massacre Israel is committing and give Palestinians the rights they deserve. 

Taking into account the ongoing situation, not only in Israel, the West Bank, and the areas surrounding the zone of conflict but also in the rest of the world, where masses are gathering in peaceful protests for the freedom of Palestinians, while some children of the Nazis are harassing those that dare say the words Palestine and Gaza, many travelers have decided to abandon their travel plans until the situation comes under control. As a result of these cancellations, the travel industry is suffering gravely. Travel agents state that many people are canceling their trips to Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Portugal.  

The state of tourism in Israel and the West Bank is another story. The streets of Jerusalem that used to bustle with tourists have now gone empty. Essa Abu Dawoud, a tour guide in the Israel-occupied Palestinian city says:

“Business is at a standstill since the war started. The roads were cut off, no one is coming.”

Across Israel and the Israel-occupied Palestinian territories, the hotels and other tourist accommodations have gone empty, the streets carry with them an eerie silence, and six tourist companies have stopped trips to top destinations like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as the war escalated. 

Emirates Cancels Flights as Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies

Major airlines, including UAE giant Emirates have stopped their operations to and from Israel, and cruise ships are also avoiding the once-busting shores of Israel like the plague. The U.S. Department of State issued a travel advisory for Israel, West Bank, and Gaza which was followed by a worldwide caution. FCDO also strongly advised the citizens to cancel their travel plans to the zone of conflict. Apart from the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on the travel industry, many fear that the raging conflict is going to send the world into the gaping maw of an economic crisis. 

Impact of Israel-Hamas Conflict on the Travel Industry – Conclusion 

The Never ending Plight of Palestine

As the loss of life of innocent children, women, and men doesn’t seem to faze Israel or the world leaders, one can only hope that the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on the travel industry and the world economy will push the world leaders to stop the raging state of Israel and put an end to the misery of Palestinians. Not a day goes by when Israel doesn’t sentence innocent Palestinians to their deaths.

Those who claim that Israel has every right to wipe Hamas off the face of the earth should open their eyes, and see, that the ones who are being subject to Israel’s atrocities aren’t members of Hamas but innocent children. Children who know nothing but war and conflict, children for whom the word “peace: is a foreign concept, children who have their whole lives ahead of them. 

Help, help! Cries the Gaza streets, “you are animals,” yells the Israelis. “You took our land, let us keep our lives, we are who gave you a safe haven, while the entire world cast you aside.” Ignoring the pleas, Israel turned, “Wipe the children of darkness” it mouthed the words. And then started another genocide, oh world when will you open your eyes?  

Fatima Naqvi

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