Banking on Seats: Jetblue Seats Selection Now Comes at an Additional Price

This just in, the airline JetBlue just added a new charge for its “Core Preferred” seats. Now passengers will have to pay a lot more to select JetBlue Seats. 
JetBlue seats charges

Jetblue Seats Selection Now Comes at an Additional Price

$48 charge on preferred seat of JetBlue

If you are a seasoned traveler then you know that if you have booked a seat at the front of the plane then that means, you can get on and most importantly off of the plane a lot faster than the passengers sitting at the back. In the olden days, JetBlue Airways used to allow its passengers to pick their seats at the time of purchase as long as they didn’t opt for a basic economy fare.

Even though in the past JetBlue seats selection was free, as of January 28, 2024, JetBlue is now charging up to $49 extra for its “Core Preferred” seats, the window and the aisle seats that are available directly behind the Even More Space premium economy cabin of the airline. In the past, these JetBlue seats were available with no extra charge for all but basic economy passengers.

This charge on preferred seats is new for JetBlue airline however is nothing out of the ordinary for a United States airline. Airlines like American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines all charge for their preferred seats. Even ultra-low-cost airlines like Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines put a charge on seat selections. Only Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge for seat selection. 

Despite this JetBlue seat selection charge, the Mosaic members of the airline have gained elite status because they can choose preferred JetBlue seats without any extra charge at booking as long as they do not purchase a basic economy fare. Another perk is that, by charging for preferred JetBlue seats, they will be more likely available for the Mosaic members. The president of the airline, COO, and incoming CEO, Joanna Geraghty told in a January 30 earnings call to the investees that inflicting this charge is “another way to reward our most loyal Mosaic customers.”

However, on the other hand, unfortunately, this charge is a loss for the customers who used to book their flights early and got to have their pick of JetBlue seats. Now they will either have to pay an extra fare to pick JetBlue seats or start flying more to get the Mosaic perks. 

Extra Charge for JetBlue Seats, a Route to Profitability 

JetBlue prioritizing profits

While the passengers are groaning at the idea of having to pay another charge, those who watch the airline space seem to appear split on the new preferred set fee imposed by the airline. One Mile at a Time, Ben Schlappig deemed this charge on JetBlue seats another “junk fee” while on the other hand, Carissa Rawson of Upgraded Points stated that this decision was understandable, and “ensures JetBlue still maintains a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving airline industry.” JetBlue issued a statement regarding this preferred seat charge:

The introduction of preferred seating, in line with many other airlines, allows us to continue to offer our low fares and great service while making progress toward returning to profitability,”

JetBlue hinted at this theme of profitability in statements that the airline made surrounding its fourth-quarter earnings. Geraghty who is going to become the new CEO of the airline on 12th February stated in an earnings release:

“The introduction of preferred seating, in line with many other airlines, allows us to continue to offer our low fares and great service while making progress toward returning to profitability,”

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