A K-Tale of Extravagance: Hotel Pick for the Stay of BTS Jungkook In Qatar

In the month of November circa 2022, BTS Jungkook visited Qatar to perform at the opening ceremony of FIFA 2022. During this time search engines like Google were bombarded with the phrase “Jungkook in Qatar”. 
BTS Jungkook Dreamers

BTS Jungkook in Qatar for FIFA 2022

Although a piece of old news, K-pop fanatics still bombard Google from time to time with the question: Which hotel did Jungkook stay in Qatar during FIFA 2022? The Golden Maknae of BTS and the K-pop sensation, Jeon Jungkook traveled from South Korea to Qatar to open FIFA 2022. The idol shocked the viewers with his soothingly powerful vocals as he serenaded the audience with the FIFA 2022 anthem “Dreamers”. Now Jungkook’s Dreamers has crossed 200 million views on YouTube and still shows no signs of dying down. In fact, the devoted fans are to this day planning their trip to Qatar and are booking the same hotel where Jungkook stayed while he was visiting the country.

The Chedi Katara Hotel – Accommodation of Jungkook in Qatar 

Chedi Katara Hotel

When Jungkook was in Qatar he opted for a stay at the Chedi Katara Hotel and Resort which has the honor of being one of the most luxurious hotels in Qatar. The hotel very effortlessly embodies the spectacular dynamism of Qatar all the while maintaining an aura of timeless elegance. There is no doubt in our mind that Jungkook chose, the Chedi Katara Hotel as his accommodation in Qatar due to its Mughal-inspired décor and of course the royally beautiful courtyard.

Chedi Katara Hotel is much more than a hotel, it is an extravagant experience that offers its patrons a stay at an unparalleled location that overlooks the beautiful Arabian Sea. Its modern architecture combined with the heritage and traditions of Qatar make it a symbol of elegance and charm. 

Apart from its location Chedi Katara Hotel is also applauded for its expectational international gastronomy, personalized services, and professional no-alcohol beverage program. The hotel caters to leisure and business travelers as well as wellness traversers with its top-notch amenities and cutting-edge service. Chedi Katara Hotel offers its guests 91 stay options among which are 59 rooms and suites, and 32 villas.

The most coveted room in the entire hotel is its Royal Suite which comes with a 39 square meter balcony overlooking the grand expanse of the Arabian Sea. All of the suites housed by the hotel come with modern amenities like a sound bar, a music system, a 50-inch flat-screen TV in the bedrooms, and a 65-inch interactive flat-screen TV in the living room. On the other hand, the villas are designed to accommodate royalty with their two-level facade, luxurious bathrooms, and Mughal and Ottoman-inspired décor.

Jungkook’s Stay in Chedi Katara Hotel

Jungkook at the Chedi Katara Hotel

During his stay at the Chedi Katara Hotel, Jungkook was treated no less than royalty, the pictures that were released by the press are proof of that. The luxurious room in which the idol stayed looked more like a palace chamber than a hotel room. We are sure that the Golden Makane thoroughly enjoyed the private beaches and the pools overlooking the skyline of Qatar. We can roughly imagine the glint in his eyes as he first laid eyes on the royally beautiful facade of Chedi Katara Hotel. In some photos, Jungkook also posed with the hotel and restaurant staff to commemorate his stay. 

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