Emirates Cancels Tel Aviv Flights as Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies 

Emirates cancels Tel Aviv flights as Israel-Hamas conflict intensifies. The Dubai airline announced that it will halt its flights to Tel Aviv till October 20th. 
Emirates cancels Tel Aviv flights as Israel-Hamas conflict intensifies

UAE Airline Announces “Emirates Cancels Tel Aviv Flights as Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies”        


Amidst the chaos and destruction, it comes as no surprise that the giant of UAE Airlines, Emirates cancels Tel Aviv flights as the Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies. The Israel-Hamas conflict has taken a destructive turn splitting the world into two sides. A conflict that started on Saturday has turned into a full-blown war, with Israel now bombing innocent civilian settlements, killing hundreds in the process. From men to women to children, no Palestinian soul is safe from the rage of Israel as it tries to punish innocents for the crimes of Hamas. 

Apart from the Israel-Hamas conflict, another war is brewing on social media, as the world is split into two directions. Netizens are bombarding social media with their views on the intensifying conflict trying to justify the actions of their chosen side, whilst hundreds in Gaza continue to die by the hour. Taking note of the situation the world-class airline Emirates cancels Tel Aviv Flights as Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies. A representative from Emirates addressed the situation and stated:

“We are closely monitoring the situation and are in close contact with the authorities. The safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority,” 

The representative continued 

“Customers affected by the suspension should contact their booking agents for alternatives, refunds, cancellations, or for rebooking their flight itineraries. Change and cancellation charges will be waived for tickets issued on or before October 11, 2023, for travel until November 30, 2023.”

Emirates does not stand alone in its decision to discontinue flights to and from Tel Aviv. Reports suggest that many other international airlines have adopted a similar route. On Wednesday, 11th October, British Airways suspended all of its flights to Tel Aviv after having to divert a flight from London back to Britain in light of security concerns in Israel. Reports also suggest that Virgin Atlantic will also halt its flights to and from Tel Aviv, for the sake of the safety of its crew and passengers.  

Emirates Cancels Tel Aviv Flights as Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies – Conclusion 

UAE and Israel

Despite canceling the flights only till October 20th, there is a chance that the airline might have to review its statement considering that the situation between Israel and Hamas will only continue intensify in the coming days. With Israel cutting off Gaza’s water, and electricity supply, chances of Hamas retaliation are increasing day by day. 

The announcement “Emirates cancels Tel Aviv Flights as Israel-Hamas conflict intensifies” came as a blow to many as only a year has passed since the airline started its operation in Tel Aviv, strengthening the ties between UAE and Israel. 

Israel-Palestine Conflict: US Urges Citizens to Reconsider Travel to the Zone of Conflict 

Following the attack of Hamas on Israel over the weekend, Israel retaliated by conducting a full-blown “eradicate Hamas” operation, bombing and destroying buildings in Gaza and killing hundreds of Palestinians in the process. Israel continues its air raids and air strikes on the Gaza Strip, as millions of Palestinians try to evacuate the area. Taking into consideration the intensifying conflict, the US Department of State raised the travel advisory level for Israel and West Bank to 3. To know more about the advisory and the travel situation in Israel, consult our article.   

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