Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Forces Blue Lagoon to Close Once Again

Volcanic eruption in Iceland forces Blue Lagoon to close once again. The famous spa recently reopened its Blue Café, Lava Restaurant, iridescent pools, and Retreat Spa, however, was forced to close again due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. 
Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Forces Blue Lagoon to Close Once Again

Icelands Volcanic disaster

Over the weekend Iceland’s Blue Lagoon once again opened its doors to the public for the first time since closing last month over concerns of Volcanic Activity. Opening its iridescent pools, Lava Restaurant, Retreat Spa and spa restaurant, as well as Blue Café was a moment of rejoice for Blue Lagoon and its fanatics. The chief operator of sales, operations, and services at Blue Lagoon, Helga Árnadóttir stated in an interview: 

“After several challenging weeks, we look forward to reopening our operations in Svartsengi. Our invaluable staff is excited to welcome guests back to Blue Lagoon Iceland and has been working tirelessly to ensure the guest experience will be both safe and joyful,” 

“Despite the events of the last few weeks, damage to our buildings and the infrastructure — including encompassing pipelines, electricity, and other key components — was minimal and they remain in excellent condition.”

The joy was however short-lived, as the volcano erupted on Monday 18th of December. On Monday night, a volcanic eruption in Iceland sent lava into the dark sky, which forced the closure of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon once again. According to the Icelandic Met Office, the eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula, following weeks of warning of increased seismic activity in the area, was showing a decrease in intensity on Tuesday. The eruption fissure measures about 2.5 meters or 4 kilometers long. In a statement, the Icelandic Met Office wrote:

“The fact that the activity is decreasing already is not an indication of how long the eruption will last, but rather that the eruption is reaching a state of equilibrium,” 

“This development has been observed at the beginning of all eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula in recent years.”  

On Tuesday the government also noted that there was no disruption to flights to or from the Keflavík International Airport of Iceland, which resides on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Taking into account the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the government stated:

“This eruption follows intense seismic activity over the past few weeks, and is classified as a fissure eruption… Fissure eruptions do not usually result in large explosions or significant production of ash dispersed into the stratosphere,” 

“Iceland’s authorities are well prepared for seismic events which occur regularly as a feature of our country’s natural geography.”

The Closure of Blue Lagoon Amid Volcanic Activity in Iceland 

Closure of Blue Lagoon due to volcanic activity

The volcanic eruption in Iceland however did result in the closure of the beloved Blue Lagoon, which recently opened its doors to the public. Much to the dismay of travelers Blue Lagoon will remain closed at least till December 27th. The first time Blue Lagoon closed was during the month of November, when fearing volcanic eruption in Iceland, the Icelandic spa closed its doors for the sake of the safety of its staff and guests. Later on, the closure was extended, however, Blue Lagoon once again reopened over the weekend only to be shut by the volcanic eruption for the foreseeable future. In an update on their website, Blue Lagoon wrote:

“As scientists had predicted, the eruption occurred in Sundhnúkagígar, situated within an active volcanic zone north of Grindavík and east of the Blue Lagoon,” 

“The eruption does not pose an immediate threat to people.”

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