Drake Revives an Abandoned Fantasy Amusement Park – Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy

Drake is reviving an abandoned fantasy amusement park in LA that was created by artist André Heller in the late 1980s. He plans to call it Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy. 
Drake Revives an Abandoned Fantasy Amusement Park - Luna Luna Forgotten Fantasy

Drake Revives an Abandoned Fantasy Amusement Park – Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy

Luna Luna art exhibit

Drake is the kind of person who knows how to have a good time and help others have a great time too. The rapper plus actor is once again proving his artistic and fun prowess by investing in reviving a long-forgotten, abandoned amusement park. The now-abandoned park made its debut in the year 1987 in Hamburg, Germany. Created by artist André Heller, he commissioned works by the likes of Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, and more. In its prime, the park was called the “fairground of sensations” as well as “the museum of the future”.

Los Angeles Times stated that for more than 30 years Luna Luna’s perfectly preserved rides that were decommissioned from their original home, have been stored in a facility in Texas. Now rapper Drake and his entertainment firm known as DreamCrew have purchased the rides and also invested in recreating a park-like environment in the City of Angels. According to Hyperallergic, Drake and his crew invested about $100 million for the project. The reimagined and revived park is to be called Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy and is set to open its doors to the public this month. 

The park is set to run through the spring of next year, 2024 in a ginormous complex of about 60,000 square feet. However, there might be one downside this this park. The guests won’t actually be able to hop aboard the rides and take them. They are allowed to watch the Ferris wheel created by Jean Michel Basquiat and the carousel by Keith Haring, however, riding them is a big no. That is because, now these rides aren’t just amusement park rides anymore, they are remarkably pricy and extraordinarily rare pieces of art. And art demands respect and deserves to be admired from afar rather than hoped on and played with. 

Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy

However, you might be happy to know that Drake and his crew plan on making this glorious art exhibit feel like a real carnival with performers and whatnot. The performers will wander the warehouse space, entertaining the guests and guests will be able to walk through places like Salvador Dalí’s “Dalídom,”. The Dalídom is a geodesic dome and is perhaps the coolest fun house that you will ever step into. Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy’s curatorial advisor, Helen Molesworth stated in an interview:

“The luna park is always a dream space,” Helen Molesworth continued “It’s like someone goes around and untightens the screws of your need to behave, your need to be good, your need to be smart, your need to be proper. Someone just untightens those four screws, and you can think different things and feel different things. You can tap into whatever it is in you that you locked up, whether it’s your childhood or sense of adventure or desire to be scared or desire to be bamboozled.” 

As of yet, no one knows how much the tickets cost as the price of tickets is not yet available on the Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy’s website. However, you can sign up with your email to be alerted when the ticket sales open. And don’t worry too much if you can’t make it to Los Angeles in the next few months to view the exhibit because DreamCrew stated in an interview with the Los Angeles Times:

“Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy is the first installment of what will be a long-term project with a multi-faceted approach exploring the world of art and its intersection with today’s modern world.”

So, don’t fret, as Darke and his crew are on a mission to introduce more fantastical parks to the world. 

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