How Hawaii is Trying to Educate Travellers and Tourists in 2023

Hawaii is trying to educate travellers and tourists on how to visit Maui in 2023, which faced major loss of life and property as a result of raging wildfires in August. 
HTA trying to educate travellers - Hawaii is Trying to Educate Travellers and Tourists

How Hawaii is Trying to Educate Travellers and Tourists in 2023 – An Overview

What Happened in Maui?

Maui Wildfires

Traveling is a privilege not many can enjoy and therefore when traveling we should take the opportunity to learn new things. The tourism authority of Hawaii is trying to educate travellers and tourists in 2023 on how they can visit Maui. In August 2023, Maui was hit by devastating raging wildfires, resulting in mass destruction. On August 8, the wildfire that sparked in Lahaina soon turned into an inferno and claimed the lives of more than 100 people. The wildfire was one of the world’s deadliest ever recorded and reduced the historic resort town of Lahaina to ash and ruins. 

Hawaii Travel Authority is Trying to Educate Travellers and Tourists Traveling to Maui

Maui Now

Taking into account what happened during the dreadful months of August, the Hawaii Travel Authority took it upon itself to educate tourists on how to visit Maui. Much like all the rest of Hawaii, Maui is reliant on tourism and visitor money and had to be opened to travellers sooner or later. However, there needs to be a healthy balance between helping the local economy, and traditional tourism, and an understating of what happened this August. 

So, when traveling to Hawaii, make sure to pack your compassion and respect as not doing so will not only be cruel but also disrespectful to the local community of Maui. After the fire, Maui has become a scared and solemn ground, one that has seen destruction and the deaths of many loved ones. Therefore, when visiting Maui there are certain things you should absolutely not do. 

“Pack your patience and grace.” 

“Do not enter the impacted area of Lahaina Town or take photos of the area, even from afar.” 

“Support local businesses.” 

These are some of the messages that the Hawaii Travel Authority is continually sharing so as to answer the main question that many visitors are asking: How they can support the people of Maui in this phase of recovery? Moreover, the tourism authority of Hawaii is trying to educate travellers and tourists by releasing a series of videos featuring interactions with locals. These videos are not in any way overwhelming, rather just offer mindful suggestions on what tourists have to do when traveling to Maui. 

Interim President and CEO of Hawaii Travel Authority, Daniel Nāho‘opi‘i stated that:

“Heeding the community’s guidance, HTA and our partners are educating travelers before and after they arrive with clear-cut ways, they can support Maui by visiting with respect and compassion.

“We are working to ensure they understand the current situation and that their travel experience may be slightly different than what they are accustomed to.” 

In other words, people traveling to Maui have to make three words, improvise, adapt, and overcome their mantra just like the residents of Maui. For the ease of travelers, the County of Maui has also launched a website called that harbors listings of local businesses and events that visitors and tourists can support. 

Adding to his previous statement Daniel Nāho‘opi‘I said:

“We appreciate these community members who have stepped up to share their heartfelt messages conveying appreciation for the outpouring of support being received for Maui and how responsible, intentional travel can help the island’s recovery.”

Many of you might be wondering what makes this educational process an important one. Well, the answer lies in nobility and compassion. It is noble to want to support the citizens of Maui as they try to rebuild their homes and cope with the devastating loss of their homes and loved ones. 

The cultural director of the Royal Lahaina Resort and Bungalows, Makalapua Kanuha lost her home in the wildfires that engulfed Maui in August. Since then she has been sheltering at a hotel in Kā‘anapali. However, Kanuha might have lost her home but not her spirit, and still encourages people to visit Maui and support local businesses to save the place from an economic disaster and help its people find their way back to normal life. 

“It is so important to support our local businesses.

They are a part of our community. They are a part of Maui […] and they, in turn, support the livelihood of our people so it’s very important that we support our small businesses, the mom-and-pop shops, and that helps to support our families in Lahaina as well.” Makalapua Kanuha.

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