Is Fantasy Springs Coming to Disney in 2024?

This just in, Fantasy Springs is coming to Disney in 2024 on the 6th of June. The blockbuster new Disney theme land that will feature Frozen, Peter Pan, and Tangled attractions will soon welcome Disney fanatics.
Fantasy Springs is Coming to Disney

Fantasy Springs is Coming to Disney – An Overview

Fantasy Springs is the eighth themed port at Tokyo DisnyeSea and Oriental Land Company and is the largest expansion at this park ever since its opening in the year 2001. The park will harbor various new rides including Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey boat ride, Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure and Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies. The expansion will also feature a new accommodation, the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel, where the visitors of Tokyo Disney will be treated with utmost luxury. 

Fantasy Springs is Coming to Disney Bearing Gifts

Fantasy Springs

The New Frozen Kingdom at Fantasy Springs will feature beautiful views of the kingdom of Arendelle, and guests will be able to experience the frozen journey of Anna and Elsa as they enjoy the heartwarming tale of two sisters who discover that the power to thaw a frozen heart only lies in true love. In the new Rapunzel Forest will stand a tower where the long-haired Rapunzel was kept. In this area of the theme park, guests will be able to take a romantic boat ride to the Lantern Festival. 

In Peter Pan’s Never Land. Disney fanatics will be left awe-struck by the spectacular scenery that will feature the iconic Skull Rock and Captain Hook’s pirate ship. At the Fantasy Springs Never Land, guests will join hands with Peter and his friends, facing off against Captain Hook, and flying over Never Land. Tinker Bell will also lie in wait at the Fairy Tinker Busy Buggies attraction to welcome guests and embark on thrilling pixie adventures. 

Moreover, these three worlds will bring with them new restaurants that will feature themed delectable delights as well as a merchandise shop, where guests will be able to shop to their heart’s content. 

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel – Fantasy Springs is Coming to Disney

Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels

Fantasy Springs is coming to Disney and is bringing with it a brand-new accommodation, the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel. This hotel will be the sixth Disney hotel in Japan and will feature rooms overlooking Fantasy Springs. The hotel will consist of two buildings i.e., the Deluxe Fantasy Chateau and the Luxury Grand Chateau. With the addition of this top-notch luxury accommodation option along with the current lineup consisting, of Value, Moderate, and Deluxe hotels, guests will be able to experience an even more personalized resort stay and will be able to completely immerse themselves in their Disney fantasies. 

Fantasy Springs is Coming to Disney, But What Will It Entail?

Fantasy Springs is coming to Disney and fans will be able to enjoy new locations and attractions by opting for a Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access, in addition to the valid park ticket for Tokyo DisneySea.

Fantasy Springs AttractionStandby PassDisney Premier Access
Service OverviewLine up at an eligible attraction at a specifies time.Available free of chargeSelect a designated time to experience eligible attractions with a reduced wait time.Available free of charge
Anna and Elsa’s Frozen JourneyEligible Eligible
Rapunzel’s Lantern FestivalEligible Eligible 
Peter Pan’s Never Land AdventureEligible Eligible 
Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy BuggiesEligible Not eligible

The StandBy Pass and Disney Premier Access are available for free on the app of Tokyo Disney Resort, and guests can obtain them after they enter the park. With the StandBy Pass, visitors will be able to experience all four new attractions. Whereas, the Disney Premier Access is valid for only three attractions i.e., Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, and Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure.

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