Starting in 2024, U.S Citizens Will Need a Visa to Enter Brazil – Here is What You Need to Know

Four years after Brazil waived visa requirements for the U.S., the country is turning its course, and starting from 2024, U.S. citizens will need a Brazil e-visa to enter the country for business or leisure travel. 
Brazil e-Visa Application

Starting in 2024, U.S. citizens Will Need a Visa to Enter Brazil 

Brazil E-Visa

Brazil E-Visa Requirement for U.S. Citizens

About four years ago the South American country, Brazil waived visa requirements for some travelers that included the citizens of the United States. However it recently announced that it will be changing its course and starting from the 10th of January 2024, citizens of the United States, Canada as well and Australia will be required to come equipped with a Brazil e-visa if they wish to gain entry in the country. 

The cost of the new e-visa will be $80.90 per person and citizens will be able to get their hands on the visa by visiting the website. Once obtained the visa will remain valid for 10 years for the citizens of the United States and for 5 years for the citizens of Canada and Australia. 

The Brazilian authorities stated that the processing time for this e-visa will be up to five business days however in their FAQ portion of the e-visa website the authorities mentioned that:

“We strongly recommend that you apply for your e-visa two months before your travel to Brazil,” 

Nothing that applying in advance will provide ample time to process the e-visa, review it and correct it if need be. 

Process of Obtaining Brazil E-Visa

Brazil e-visa

In order to obtain Brazil E-Visa all you have to visit the website mentioned above from your smartphone or laptop and register. While registering you will have to provide the required personal information along with passport details. In the case of minors, the Brazil e-visa application must be completed and submitted by one or both parents. Once you are done with filling in the information you will be asked to pay the fee. 

Afterward, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been approved or rejected. Sometimes you might be asked to submit additional documents as well. In case the authorities approve your visa, you will receive an email containing a PDF file that harbors your Brazil e-visa. This e-visa must be printed and downloaded so that you can show it to the authorities while boarding and upon arrival in the country. The Brazilian authorities advise that travelers print at least two copies of the e-visa and also capture and store a screenshot of it on their phones. 

The e-visa differs from a consular visa in a sense that a consular visa requires an in-person visit to an embassy or consulate, whereas you can get a Brazil e-visa easily online and no in-person appointment is required. The newly reinstated visa requirement was suppose to go into effect on the 1st of October 2023, however, the Brazilian government postponed its launch. The reason for implementing the Brazil e-Visa is that the countries of the United States, Canada and Australia don’t offer reciprocity which means that the citizens of Brazil have to apply as well as pay a hefty sum for visas in order to step foot in these three countries.  

In 2019, the Brazilian authorities waived the visa requirements for the citizens of Japan and these three countries allowing them to enter the South American country without a visa for leisure and business travels. The only requirement was that the citizens of these countries were subjected to a time limit of 90 days, with the possibility of an extension of up to 180 days.

However, before 2019, travelers from these countries had to apply for a visa to enter Brazil which cost about $40 plus a $4.24 service fee. Moreover, before November 2017, in order to get a Brazilian visa, travelers had to visit the Brazilian consulate or visa center and also had to pay a hefty fee of $160. 

In a recent statement, the government of Brazil stated that it would continue “negotiating visa exemption agreements with these three countries, based on principles of reciprocity and equality between states,”

This means that there is a possibility that this Brazil e-visa would be waived if the United States, Canada, and Australia throw out their visa requirements for the citizens of Brazil.

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