Best Europe Destinations to Visit in 2024

Europe is one of the most beautiful places encapsulated in our vast planet. The continent speaks a language of old-school charm, tradition, and history and blends these elements together with a hint of modernity to create a beautiful concoction one that is coveted and admired all over the world.

There is not a single being on this entire planet who doesn’t wish to witness the beauty of Europe, from countryside fine dining to retro-cool surf scenes, to medieval castles to cities of the future, the continent harbors elements that suit the palate of all kinds of travelers. To give you a head start on your Europe vacation, we compiled a list of the top 5 best Europe destinations that you can visit in 2024. 

Top 5 Best Europe Destinations to Visit in 2024

1. Antwerp, Belgium – The Most Underrated among the Top 5 Best Europe Destinations

Antwerp, Belgium

Got For – The intriguing new architecture of Antwerp and a clutch of harp hotel openings.

Antwerp is the most underrated city in Belgium and possibly the most overlooked destinations among the best Europe destinations, the credit of which goes to its Dutch neighbor, Amsterdam, and of course, Brussels. Despite being the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp remains an undiscovered gem, one that harbors plenty of culture and cool for a weekend romp. The city of Antwerp is an absolute delight to visit due to its wide variety of sights and attractions, rich culture and history. 

It’s fantastic dining and shopping options are no joke either and are a haven for the lovers of food and retail. Antwerp is a complete package for tourists as it offers the best of Belgium in one place. When in Antwerp you will find there to be an impressive concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants that rival even the most major European capitals. The best one that is frequented by locals and tourists alike is the two-star restaurant The Jane. 

The Jane was ranked number 39 in 2023’s World’s 50 Bets Restaurants list due to its scrumptious food and magnificent ambiance. In the year 2024, the admirable restaurant will celebrate its 10th anniversary. However, if the 14-course tasting menu of The Jane restaurant is out of budget you can always make your way to its budget-friendly bar, Untitled, which opened its doors to the public earlier this year. 

The Untitled offers its guests rustic dishes at a more budget-friendly price range. The food is plated with love before the eyes of the guests by Chef Jori Timmermans. Once you are done filling your belly, roll yourself next door to August and bag a bed there. However, to sleep in the heart of town, make your way to Hotel Julien which is a design-led favorite.

Once you have eaten your way through Antwerp’s culinary offerings and are near to bursting consider taking a walk at Zuidpark to release all that built-up pressure. Zuidpark is an ambitious development that will reach completion by the spring of 2024. Pinned to be the city’s leafiest haven, the seven-hectare Zuidpark will have 30,000 plants and several water features by the time of its completion.

Reasons You Should Visit Antwerp – Best Destinations in Europe

Architecture – Antwerp is that city of Belgium that is widely recognized for its varied and remarkable architecture. The uniqueness as well as remarkability of its architecture does great job of leaving the guests awe-struck and amazed. The city features varying styles and designs that span over many centuries and are so unique that they effortlessly distinguish the city of Antwerp from other cities in Belgium. 

History – Antwerp is steeped in a very rich history and has always been a very prosperous city. In the olden days, Antwerp was the richest country in Europe. Therefore, it attracted many skilled merchants, artists, craftsmen, as well as intellectuals to its prosperous soil. One of the oldest printing presses in the world was also established there, and today, it welcomes visitors, allowing them to bask in the prosperous history of Antwerp.

Diamonds – Known as the diamond capital of the world for centuries, the diamond trade in Antwerp dates back 500 years, and ever since then has grown tremendously. These days, the city harbors 1,500 diamond firms and about 85% of the world’s rough diamonds pass through the city’s diamond district. Therefore, if you which to be the owner of some great jewelry that holds real and quality diamonds, then visiting Antwerp should be on your bucket list.

2. Asturias, Spain – The Greenest of the Green among the Top 5 Best Europe Destinations

Asturias, Spain

Go For – Eco-focused tourism that neither skimps on environmental safety nor on luxury.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and people got confined to their homes, we all saw a drastic improvement in the quality of air, which opened our eyes to the atrocities we were committing against the environment and nature and hence gave birth to a new type of traveler, increasingly nature-loving and environmentally conscious. In order to attract such travelers many destinations around the world had to reinvent themselves around the idea of eco-tourism, however, Asturias was not one of them. Even before the pandemic, Asturias was an eco-travelers’ haven, and its tagline “Asturias, natural paradise” which was created almost 40 years ago, represents and encompasses everything we look for in an eco-friendly getaway. 

Perhaps this is the reason why this autonomous community is the most dynamic destination in Spain one that welcomed more than 24 million visitors in 2022, with more international travelers than ever. The climate of Asturias also helps as the heatwaves are barely noticeable. This year many travelers decided to traverse this eco-friendly country, venturing its natural paces, with many of them being UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, via rejuvenated routes like the Camino Primitivo, a much calmer branch of the immensely popular Camino de Santiago, through Asturia’s least-known regions. 

Asturias is also home to some of Spain’s most famous hotels like its first rural hotel, La Rectoral de Taramundi, which opened its doors to the public, lying admits an eco-friendly destination. Other noteworthy addresses include PuebloAstur Eco-Resort (that can be found lying on the Picos de Europa mountain range), Ecoboutique’s Solo Palacio, and Las Caldas Villa Termal.

The food scene at Asturias is also one to die for with its “landscape cuisine” rivaling that of the Basque Country. The region has 11 Michelin stars peppered around its expanse as well as an emerging culinary movement in the Cuadau and Nalon valleys, while top-notch chefs such as Natalia Menendez (Casa Chuchu), Paula Lamas and Jairo Rodríguez (Roble), Diego García (El Pintu), and Xune Andrade (Mont) are on the rise. 

Reasons You Should Visit Asturias – Best Destinations in Europe

Breathtaking Coastal Views – Asturias has been gifted with an immensely beautiful coast, one that puts to shame all the other coasts. Whether you are in the east, wets, or the center of the region, you will find yourself surrounded by breathtaking coastal views that will leave you gaping mothed, and speechless. Also, around the coast, you will find endless caves waiting to be explored. 

The Ruggedly Beautiful Mountains – When in Asturias, you will find mountains all over the region, surrounding the national parks, and the main cities. 

Green Spain – Asturias is a part of the Green Spain reason, given the nickname due to the immersing rainfall that it receives, and also because this region in northern Spain stays bright bottle green throughout the year. This region of Spain is quite different from the one we are accustomed to and is an ideal place for enjoying the outdoors and immersing yourself in nature. 

3. Biarritz, France – The Most Sophisticated among the Top 5 Best Europe Destinations

Biarritz, France

Go For – A memorable surf scene lying in the lesser-known starch of the Basque Country. 

Among the best European destinations, one that speaks a language of sophistication and charm is Biarritz, France which lies just over the border from San Sebastián. The French resort town of Biarritz is prepped to step out from under the shade of its Michelin-star-studded Spanish Basque counterpart to welcome a new generation of sophisticates. Biarritz harbors a history as a royal’s summer resort destination and is known as the birthplace of surfing in Europe. Once you visit the place you will realize how effortlessly Biarritz marries luxury with laid-back, offering a level of sophistication that one can only dream of. 

Half ritzy coastal resort, half summer surfers hang out the seaside resort of Biarritz has been a favorite beach destination ever since Napoleon III and his Spanish-born wife Eugenie arrived at the place during the mid-19th century. Those visiting the place can look forward to its elegant villas and heritage-listed residences and can book into its artfully resuscitated Belle Époque hotels including the Experiential’s brand-new Regina Biarritz, enigmatic indie, Villa Magnan, and Unsound’s Hotel du Palais. When in town, you can visit its breathtaking beaches, bask in the warm golden sun, visit its museums to learn about its rich history or go to its markets to immerse yourself in the Biarritz experience. 

Reasons You Should Visit Biarritz – Best Destinations in Europe

Enjoy the Slow Life – despite being a crowded and very animated place during summer, Biarritz is also the perfect place to chill and relax. When in Biarritz, you can enjoy a lazy morning, have long meals at trendy places by the seaside, sit on a nice terrace as you sip your drink, or spend the day at a beach lounging by the crashing waves as you perfect your tan. 

Food – Being a part of France, Biarritz is every foodie’s dream. The food there offers a delicious mix of Spanish, French, and Basque flavors that will wow you to the core. Seafood is enviously very famous in the area, but you will also be able to find meat and bread in many dishes. Local specialties of Biarritz include oysters, marmitako or tuna stew, and pintxos which is a snack of bread topped with cheese, ham, or vegetables.

Shopping – Shopaholics should definitely stop by Biarritz as it is home to many market halls, boutiques, and department stores that harbor top-notch and branded products. To check out some quirky local stores, you can head on to Avenue de Verdun and for more high-end shopping you can visit Place Gorges Clemenceau.

4. Bodo, Norway – The Most Enchanting among the Top 5 Best Europe Destinations

Bodo, Norway

Go For – Spectacular nature, stargazing, and cultural events.

One of the best destination in Europe, Bodo lies on such a spectacular position on the pristine shores of northern Norway that it receives endless days in the glow of the midnight summer sun, and come winter, it is adorned with shocks of fluorescent lights when the Aurora Borealis erupts onto the night sky. The small Arctic fishing own or Bodo was made a part of the European Capital of Culture for 2024, which will result in the region’s largest-ever arts program that will include about 1,000 events as well as an influx of people who are interested in various forms of creativity.

The region’s unique Sami heritage is championed here, and when you visit Bodo, you will see a striking modern expansion in its buildings such as the world-class, harbor fronting Stormen Concern Hall the Stormen Concert Hall is an imposingly modern structure that can hold 900 people within its bounds. 

Bodo, Norway, beyond its cultural accolades is also the gateway to the ethereal Lofoten Islands. Lofoten is a beautiful archipelago in Norway that harbors a dramatic scenery consisting of fjords and jagged peaks that make it an idle playground for lovers of adventure, the outdoors, and photography. Bodo is not all looks though; its burgeoning food and drinks scene is an experience in itself. Moreover, when you visit the magnificent city in 2024, get ready to be met by new accommodations like the Wood Hotel which will open its doors to the public in the coming year and will offer the town’s most luxurious lodging complete with pared-back Scandi design, and floor to ceiling windows.  

Reasons You Should Visit Bodo – Best Europe Destinations

Street Art – Bodo is one of the best destinations in Europe that carries a very cool and unique vibe, all thanks to its amazing street art that is scattered around the city center. Most of the street art in Bodo is from UpNorth which is a traveling art festival, focused on urban art. In the year 2016, the UpNorth festival came to Bodo with international artists and decorated the sides of the buildings in the downtown area. 

The Northern Lights – Norway is famous around the world for its beautiful northern lights and the best place from where you can witness their beauty is Bodo. Bodo is an ideal place for watching the northern lights as it is surrounded by immense nature, giving you a chance to get away from the blinding city lights to witness the beautiful northern lights in their full glory. 

Beaches – Bodo is surrounded by some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches that even on a cloudy day look downright tropical. 

5. Budapest, Hungary – Harbors an Overwhelming Sense of Old-Meets-New among the Top 5 Best Europe Destinations

Budapest, Hungary

Go For – A fresh take on a city that is about 150 years old. 

Budapest, the Hungarian is widely known around the world for its architecture that speaks a language of old charm and uniqueness. Budapest is home to a wide variety of architecture from Art Nouveau and neoclassical to Gothic and Baroque, with the Blue Danube connecting all these forms of art like a ribbon. Apart from harboring jaw-dropping architecture, Budapest is also home to mineral-rich thermal baths that feature ornate design flourishes.

The vibrant city also buzzes with creativity, which spills effortlessly into its radiant and exciting nightlife. To get a taste of the Hungarian capital’s nightlife a visit to the ruin bars district is a must which offers a tangible example of crafting opportunity from the ashes of adversity. After the destruction of World War II, many buildings in the city of Budapest were left in ruins, however, artists and hipsters transformed these buildings into ruin bars that are adored by locals and tourists alike. destinations

Reasons You Should Visit Bodo – Best Europe Destinations

The Danube River – In the olden days Budapest was three separate cities Buda and Pest that were separated from each other by the Danube River flowing between them. The Danube River is one of nature’s most beautiful marvels that offers stunning views and peaceful vibes. 

Blend of Culture and Styles – When you visit Budapest, be ready to see a blend of culture and styles. Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe and harbors impressive architecture. As you stroll along Budapest you will come across a blend of Eastern and Western style architecture that will amaze you endlessly. 

Relax in the Baths – When in Budapest make sure to visit its natural mineral water springs for which the city is known. The country of Hungary is home to 1,000 natural springs, with several of them being in Budapest. The baths are a huge part of the Budapest experience and are a perfect way to relax after a tiring day of sightseeing. 

Visiting Best Europe Destinations in Budget-Friendly Style 

To visit the above mentioned best Europe designations without breaking the bank, follow the tops given below:

  • To do Europe destinations in a budget-friendly fashion scrap the hotels and settle for a hostel instead. From private rooms to private bathrooms, Europe is home to many top-notch hostels that fit the needs of all kinds of travelers. 
  • When in Europe, save money by traveling by train as they are the quickest and most comfortable substitute for expensive flights. 
  • If you have traveled to Europe before you are well aware that exchanging money includes fees. Therefore, in order to save money on exchange, get cash ahead of time. 
  • Try to eat locally and cheap to save money. Opt for a sandwich or pizza at a local shop or grab a meal from street vendors to bask in the local experience but also save a few bucks. 
  • One of the great aspects of Europe is that you can find free walking tours in all the major cities. Therefore, opt for one of these tours to save money all the while seeing the city’s attractions, and learning history. 

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