The Perfect 2023 Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii

We always prioritise a fun getaway, filled with physical activities and excursions. However, sometimes all we need is a relaxing getaway from the constraints of normal life, a getaway in which all we do is lounge by the pool or spend our day at the spa and massage away our tensions. Therefore, even though a fun vacation sounds like a dream, sometimes its best to just give your mind and body a break and embrace your laziness. There is nothing wrong with becoming a sloth for a week or two.

As we care about your mental and physical health our dearest reader, in this article we will be talking about wellness getaways, specifically a wellness getaway in Oahu, Hawaii. This article is your call to drop everything and book a trip to Oahu, Hawaii where relaxation and rejuvenation await. Once you land on the picturesque North Shore of Oahu you will find yourself in a paradise that goes by the name Turtle Bay Resort. Turtle Bay Resort resides on a lush land that spans about 1,300 acres. The resort houses 408 rooms and suits as well as 42 Ocean Bungalows, each of which boasts spectacular ocean views that will surely calm down your raging nerves. 

There is no better location that offers utter relaxation and resuscitation than Turtle Bay. So when planning a wellness getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, make your way to Turtle Bay Resort and turn your stay there into a bespoke wellness getaway complete with treatments, activities, and healthy dining that will nourish your body, mind, and soul alike.  

Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, Turtle Bay Resort – The Ultimate Itinerary 

Day 1 of Wellness Getaway – When on a Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii Ease into the Paradisiac Land

Ease into the Paradisiac Turtle Bay Resort

When you reach the paradisiac land of Oahu take some time to appreciate its enchanting beauty. Stopping to smell the flowers, and basking in the glory of the shining sun is what wellness getaways are about. Walk amongst the unspoiled beauty of the glorious island or opt for an afternoon lounging by one of the four pool housed by Turtle Bay and take in all the beauty that nature has to offer. From nature, we come and to it, we belong, no matter how technologically advanced we get, the only place where we will find true bliss is among nature. 

When in Turtle Bay, you can refresh yourself by taking a dip in the salty ocean water or by having a pool day, enjoying the infinity-style adult pool that comes with a hot tub and in-water loungers. If you desire complete privacy and alone time to fully disconnect from the rest of the world, opt for the stylish comfort of a poolside cabana.

As dawn rolls into dusk, consider opting for a gentle oceanside yoga session to nurture your mind and body. When you are done nourishing your mind, you can satiate your grumbling stomach by savoring the shareable menu at the Off The Lip cocktail bar which specializes in serving dishes such as Manila clam steamers and local poke nachos that are a definition of deliciousness and scrumptiousness. 

With your meal, you can either go for a mocktail or a craft cocktail, many of which come infused with fruits and herbs that are grown on the property’s Kuilima Farm. Nothing says wellness better than organically grown produce that is void of all sorts of harmful chemicals. 

Day 2 of Wellness Getaway – When on a Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii Workout among the Breathtaking Hawaiian Scenery 

When on a Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii Workout among the Breathtaking Hawaiian Scenery

We all know that a great day starts with a walk and when that walk is taken on a beach as the glorious golden orb, our ultimate source of energy, peaks from the Hawaiian blue waters, the calmness and utter relaxation that is felt at that moment is unmatchable. Even the sun refuses to shine brightener among the skyscrapers.

Therefore, on your day two of wellness getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, wake up before the sun and go on a walk on the sandy beach as the sun rises. Afterward, join a morning waterfront yoga class and center yourself. Once you are done with your exercise, fill your stomach with a healthy breakfast at Ho’olana. Our advice, go for an egg white English muffin and acai bowl as it will help you power through a workout at the Fitness Center. 

The Fitness Center at Turtle Bay Resort is every gym freaks and fitness enthusiast’s dream. The place comes equipped with the latest cardiovascular equipment, and strength training machines as well as a spacious area to stretch out. However, the best part of the center is its floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the deep blue waters of the shimmering ocean, offering you the kind of scenery that will calm your senses and will keep you inspired as you sweat away your tensions. 

If some extra motivation is what you are looking for, because God knows many of us need it when it comes to fitness and health, you can join a group fitness class. There are several group fitness classes that are offered at Turtle Bay Resort like Pilates Reformer, Cardio HIIT, or Tahitian Fitness. Later in the day you can hit the links at the resort’s signature Arnold Palmer golf course or explore the trails through the verdant forest or the beach that surrounds the resort either on foot, horseback, or bike. 

Day 3 of Wellness Getaway – When on a Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, Visit the Luscious Farm

kuilima farm visit

Hippocrates once said:

Turtle Bay Resort is the place where you can do exactly that. On day three of your wellness getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, join a Farm Tour that is complimentary to the Ocean Bungalow guests. Tour the lush 469 acres of the Kuilima Farm to learn about the Oahu’s agriculture. You can even pick out your own ingredients from the farm. The Kuilima Farm not only supplies fresh produce to the resort but also to the surrounding communities.

Turtle Bay Resort’s signature restaurant Alaia makes all of its dishes from fresh produce sourced from the Kuilima Farm. Not only that but the Nalu Spa’s herbs and tea also come from this very farm. Turtle Bay Resort is the kind of place that takes wellness and health very seriously, with each department of the resort relying on freshness and nature. 

After a day well spent touring the Kuilima Farm, head on to the Alaia for dinner, where you will get the opportunity to taste Kuilima Farm produce on imaginative and flavorful offerings that will wow you to the core. Alaia offers traditional Hawaiian comfort food and Asian-inspired cuisine with a modern twist and boasts a variety of vegetarian dishes like Kuilima Salanova salad. This scrumptious salad is bursting with farm-fresh veggies such as watermelon radish and Japanese cucumber. Also served as an entrée at Turtle Bay’s signature restaurant are Kuilima Farm spice-roasted heirloom carrots. 

Doesn’t matter what you choose to eat at the Alaia, eating healthy at the restaurant is a delicious wonder for all kinds of palate. In case you are staying at the Ocean Bungalow you can also request a priority dining reservation with your dedicated Bungalows concierge host. 

Day 4 of Wellness Getaway – When on a Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, Play Pickleball or Tennis and Ride Horses

Play Tennis or Pickleball

Wake up on day four of your wellness getaway with the rising sun and head on to the Alaia for the knockout breakfast buffet, where healthy meets hearty and delicious. Upon arriving at the Alaia, you will find it filled to the brim with delicious and filling options that will make your mouth water. Enjoy healthy offerings such as Kuilima Farms’ fresh seasonal fruits, which you will find to be equal parts refreshing and sweet, and the famous coconut chai pudding.

After you have had your fill, take a short walk along the beach, before hitting the tennis court to work up a sweat. You can also get in the pickleball craze that has the entire nation in its iron grip by visiting the pickleball court. When evening rolls around, go for some equine therapy with a rejuvenating sunset horseback ride along the gorgeous shoreline.

Grab your horse from The Stables of Turtle Bay and make your way to the North Shore where 12 miles of beautiful paths and beaches await to gallop over. Take in the serenading sounds of birds, the crashing waves, and the ocean breeze through the Ironwood trees as you and your horse buddy run amidst the salty ocean air. 

Day 5 of Wellness Getaway – When on a Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, Walk or Surf and Explore the Restorative Effects of the Ocean 

Explore the Restorative Effects of the Ocean

Harness the healing and rejuvenating powers of the water by spending time in and by it. The saltwater carries in it high magnesium levels that offer a plethora of benefits. The magnesium in salt water can help regulate muscle and nerve functionality and can also moderate blood sugar levels.

Moreover, it is said that the negative charged ions of sea air have a healing effect on the airways and lungs. Don’t we all need that to clean out our air passageway of all the gunk and smoke that accumulates years after living in pollution-ridden cities? Even just sitting by the beach and listening to the melodious sound of the waves and the birds provided ambient therapy that helpe lower anxiety and stress. 

The Turtle Bay Resort harbors seven beaches that you can explore. These include the Hidden Beach which is a wonderful place if you are looking for solitude or a meditative beach walk. The Kuilima Cove which lies a few steps from the main resort harbors calm water, colorful corals, and sandy bottoms. It is an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling lovers. If you are a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean or the Hunger Games, make your way to the famed Kawela Bay where these movies were shot. There you can engage in various activities like surfing, kayaking, as well as paddle boarding in its calm, protected waters. 

If you are not good at surfing and want to learn it, then you are in luck as Turtle Bay Resort houses a surf school that is run by world champ surfer Jamie O’Brien. However, if a more laid-back day is on your agenda, you can do that by immersing yourself in the soothing waters of the property’s Tide Pools which lie a 5–10-minute walk from the resort.

You also need to flue up to do all these activities so don’t forget to grab lunch at Ho’olana which offers scrumptious dishes like Ahi Shoyu, Tofu poke bowl, and Spicy Salmon. You can also try their Super Foods salad which comes loaded with dried fruits, goat cheese, quinoa, and macadamia nuts. 

Day 6 of Wellness Getaway – When on a Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, Enjoy a Spa Day 

Enjoy a Spa Day

Your day 6 of wellness getaway should be all about relaxation and detoxification. Start your day with a healthy breakfast from the Alaia. Don’t forget to grab a glass of green juice or ginger and turmeric-infused detox elixir. Treat yourself to an afternoon of restoration at the fabulous Nalu Spa. The Nalu Spa is an oceanfront oasis that offers a number of treatments that are rooted in the Hawaiian spirit of Aloha ‘Aina, which means a love of and nurturing care of the land. The spa achieves this by using pure, natural, and sustainable ingredients from the surrounding land. 

When at Nalu do try the Coconut Pohaku aka warm stone massage that utilizes the raw materials found in Hawaiian culture. You can enjoy the massage outdoors at the new Nalu Sp oceanside cabanas and bask in the sound of the crashing waves as the massage transports you to the realm of blissful relaxation. 

Day 7 of Wellness Getaway – When on a Wellness Getaway in Oahu, Hawaii, Take Time to Unwind

Unwind and relax

The entire concept of a wellness getaway is to unwind and relax and the best place to do that is at Turtle Bay Resort. If you are staying at the Ocean Bungalows, you will have the privilege to relax and slip a cold beverage by the Ocean Bungalows’ adult-only pool. Ocean Bungalow guests can also take advantage of priority seating at the new Beach Club at Kuilima Cove.

Around lunchtime, belly up to the Sunset pool bar that resides by the main pool. There you can nosh on chef-prepared dishes that are made from locally sourced ingredients. The most famous dishes are shrimp ceviche and the Kuilima Harvest bowl which harbors fresh vegetables like the heat of palm, beets, and kabocha. You can also savor the local catch tacos that come enveloped in locally made heirloom tortillas. Also don’t forget to toast your full week of wellness and relaxation with Turtle Bay Resort’s famous Mai Tais and mocktails.

Benefits of Wellness Getaways

Benefits of Wellness Getaway

It Boosts Happiness

We all feel giddy after returning from a relaxing vacation. Scientific research suggests that the mood boats you get by embarking on a wellness retreat offer long-term mental health benefits. Wellness getaways offer a change of scenery, spark brain activity, provide opportunities to relax, and unwind which have a positive effect on mood, making you feel lighter and less stressed. And if that wellness getaway is to a place like Turtle Bay Resort you will not only return with a fresh mind but also a healthy gut.  

It Boosts Mental and Physical Health 

Wellness retreats lie in the heart of nature, among forests, greenery, water, or mountains. Researchers have highlighted time and time again the benefits of staying amongst nature and in fresh air. When one spends time in nature it helps reduce anxiety, fatigue, as well as improves blood pressure and heart rate. On a wellness retreat, you can reap a myriad of benefits that Mother Nature has in store for you. 

It Offers Detoxification from Devices

We all need detoxification from our electronic devices, there is no doubt in that. Wellness getaways are set deep in nature with some of them having little to no cell phone services. Some even harbor phone-free areas that allow you to disconnect from electronics and connect with yourself and nature. Phone and social media addiction have been linked with mental and physical health issues time and time again, therefore, a week away from them will boost your health. 

Boosts Self-care

In the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced life, the one person that we forget is ourselves. When was the last time you treated yourself or gave yourself a break? Wellness getaways allow you to connect with yourself, they allow you to listen to your mind and body as you pamper yourself. Almost every wellness retreat comes with a spa where you can have some me time and let go of all the built-up stress and anxiety. 

Start Your Wellness Journey Here

If you are thinking of embracing a wellness journey but don’t know where to begin then start by giving 10 tips to start your wellness journey: to be healthy a read. 

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