A Tale of Snow and Mountains: Vrbo is Giving Away a Luxe Mountain Cabin Stay for less than $13

This just in, Vrbo is giving away a luxe mountain cabin stay for less than $13. This stay comes with snowboard lessons from none other than Olympian Shaun White. So, grab your coats, and pack up gear as it's time to embark on a snowy adventure. 
Vrbo is Giving Away a Luxe Mountain Cabin Stay

Vrbo is Giving Away a Luxe Mountain Cabin Stay for less than $13

Who doesn’t love a whole mountain to themselves? From skinning freely without being surrounded by the hoard of tourists to making snowman with your family, staying in a private ski resort where there is just you and the sound of the mountains is a dream many possess. However, you’d have to be an oil tycoon or a multinational billionaire to be able to book a whole resort for yourself. But, Vrbo has decided to transform that dream of yours into reality. And not only that, Vrbo also sweetened the deal by adding Olympic gold medalist, Shaun White into the package.

Vrbo Luxe Mountain Cabin

By the end of this month, a lucky group will have the chance to book an entire ski resort and mountain cabin and also have one on one time with the “Flying Tomato”. The booking, that will be available on the Vrbo website, functions on a first come first basis. Starting from October 24 at 1 p.m. ET, Vrbo will give a lucky group an opportunity to a 4-day, 3-night stay at The Boulders, along with exclusive access to Utah’s Eagle Point Resort. The mountain will be empty of tourists, which means no crowded runs and no lift lines. 

Addressing the news “Vrbo is giving away a luxe mountain cabin stay”, Melanie Fish, Vrbo’s travel expert stated: 

“Vrbo specializes only in private vacation rentals, so we’re driving, or skiing, home the point with the ultimate private escape.

“This once-in-a-lifetime stay includes a luxury ski-in/ski-out cabin, an entire mountain and ski resort to yourselves, and 1:1 time with none other than the Olympic legend himself, Shaun White.”

Perks and Benefits – Vrbo is Giving Away a Luxe Mountain Cabin Stay

Vrbo Cabin

Apart from the gorgeous home that comes packed with amenities like a fireplace, an eight-person bunk room, a soaking tub, and a game room, the lucky group will also receive private snowboarding lessons from Shaun White. Moreover, they will also receive $5,000 worth of gear, snowboards, and other merch from Shaun’s company, Whitespace. The experience also comes with rental equipment, access to the resort’s grill and bar, lift fees, and several other on-site amenities.

Moreover, as part of the recent launch of the Expedia Groups One Key Loyalty Program, each member of the group staying at the home will also receive $100 in OneKeyCash. This grand experience will be available for a 15-person group starting from 29th January 2024 to 1st   February 2024.

Shaun White and Vrbo

The cost of the experience will be only $12.60 per night in honor of Shaun White’s signature move called the Double McTwist 1260. In an Instagram post, Shaun White talked about his partnership with Vrbo and stated:

“Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, get ready to shred. 

“You guys, private ski-in-ski-out cabin, resort to yourself, lessons from me, the newest gear — it’s gonna be amazing.”

Vrbo is Giving Away a Luxe Mountain Cabin Stay – Concluding Statement 

The deal cannot get sweater than this. Amongst the chaos of regular life, the news, that Vrbo is giving away a luxe mountain cabin stay, comes as a much-needed relief. Staying in a beautiful cabin, surrounded by mountains, accompanied by the silence of winter, is a dream come true for many. So, don’t forget to visit the Vrbo website on 27 October to win the vacation of a lifetime.

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