Visiting 5 Real-Life Haunted Houses: Potent Recipe for a Heart Attack

Are you brave enough to tour the most haunted houses across the Land of Liberty? With Halloween knocking at our doors, nothing fills us with more ecstatic joy than going on spooky ventures with friends and family. And you know what the best way of getting into the Halloween spirit is? It is hanging out with the undead, of course!

Given below is a list of the top 10 haunted houses across the United States, all the way from California to Iowa. All of these houses are open for tours, and some can even be booked for an overnight stay. So, our question is: Do you dare to venture into the dark vortex of the unknown and the unseen? 

“Beneath the moon’s light, darkness riegns, for in these haunted houses what prevails are mere wails”


Top 5 Haunted Houses in the USA – Overview

Given below are brief overviews of the top 5 haunted houses in the States. If you are a horror fanatic who lives in the States or is touring the country, visiting these five haunted houses should be on your bucket list.

1. Winchester Mansion

Winchester Mystery House - Haunted Houses

Location – San Jose, California

To an outsider, the Winchester house looks nothing more than a monstrous monument, stemming from the disturbed mind of a mad woman. The structure of the house that stands today is the work of Sarah Lockwood Pardee. After the death of her husband, William Winchester, a firearms mogul, in the year 1881, Sarah bought a two-story farmhouse and started making countless renovations to it. For what reason you ask? Well to this very day no one can answer that question, as it is beyond the constraints of our imagination as to why Sarah Lockwood Pardee, went on a mad rampage to keep on renovating the house till her last breath. 

Sarah added 40 staircases, about 2,000 doors, and all sorts of nods to the number 13. The renovations of the house that started in the year 1886, stopped after she died in 1922. To this very day, the house remains unfinished. According to Jonan Boehme, Winchester Mystery House historian, Sarah’s obsessions with renovation and construction either stemmed from trying to disconcert bad spirits that met their death with the Winchester rifles, or her social conscience compelled her to give to the needy, making the house her biggest social work. 

Nevertheless, the enigma surrounding the house and Sarah Winchester herself was so immense that a movie called Winchester, starring Helen Mirren was made that highlighted the spooky history of the house and its architectural oddities. 

The Haunting of Winchester Mansion

Sarah Winchester

Winchester Mansion is regarded as one of the most haunted houses in the States and it is believed that, even though Sarah died her soul never left the place. Many visitors claimed to have felt Sarah’s presence. Countless psychics also visited the place and said that they could sense the spirit of Sarah. Some have even claimed to have seen the “wheelbarrow ghost” who haunts the basement and is believed to be the spirit of one of Sarah’s loyal employees. 

Tour Price 

Want to visit one of America’s most haunted houses? Well, you can do that by booking a tour via the Winchester Mystery House website.

 Walk with Spirits TourGuided Mansion TourAda Tour(only for 13 and up)Immersive 360o TourSarah’s Garden Tour 
Adults $41.99$41.99$19.99$8.99$19.99
Children (5-12)$19.99$19.99$8.99$9.99

2. The Conjuring House

The Conjuring House

Location – Harrisville, Rhode Island

One of the most renowned haunted houses in the USA is the Conjuring House. After the immense fame of the movie, countess horror fanatics started googling if the events of the film were indeed true, as advertised by the franchise. You can imagine the ecstatic delight on their faces when they found out that the events were not only true, but the Conjuring House stands tall in Rhode Island to this very day. Now that house is not only open for tours, but you can also book an overnight stay there if you are feeling like doing something outrageously daring. 

The farmhouse that was built in 1736 is known for its haunted happenings and especially came under the spotlight when paranormal experts Ed and Lorrain Warren visited the house to perform a séance for the Perron family. 

The Haunting of the Conjuring House

The Perron Family

People who visited the house have claimed to have felt an eerie unsettling feeling, some even heard loud creaks and saw balls of light flashing in the corner of their eyes. Those staying overnight there have reported books mysteriously falling off the shelves and have even sighted shadow figures in the upstairs bedrooms. 

Tour Price 

For more information on the tour events, and the price visit the Conjuring House website. Keep in mind that most tour events don’t permit children under 7 and for some events, you will even have to sign a waiver.

 Special EventsHouse Tours InvestigationsGHO EventsGallery Events GHampingPrivate Events 
Adult (13 plus)Adult (13+) – $130Adult (13+) – $25Children (7-12) – $20Sunday to Thursday – $960 per night for 6 peopleFriday to Saturday – $1280 per night for 8 peopleFor additional guests – $160 per person $100 per guest, only for ages 16 and overVaries by host Abduction Chamber Tent – Sleeps 3, $300 per nightLight Dancer Tent – Sleeps 3, $300 per night Galactic Gaze Tent – sleeps 4, $400 per night Depends on the event 

3. The Hobo Hill House

The Hobo Hill House

Location – Jefferson City, Missouri 

Hobo Hill is one of the cosiest haunted houses found in the land of liberty. However, do not let the cozy interior fool you as the house is as haunted as they come. The house was built in the year 1910, and 100 years later in 2017, it caught the eyes of Aaron and Erin Clark, who ended up purchasing it and renovating the property. 

However, soon this picture-perfect house turned into a dark nightmare as they started experiencing strange occurrences, like the kitchen sink and appliances mysteriously turning on by themselves. Things took a dark turn when their year-old daughter started experiencing night terrors and sleepwalking. While speaking to the News Tribune Aaron said the following words about his daughter:

“It seemed as if she was possessed because she would be really wide-eyed and shaking.”

The Haunting of Hobo Hill House

The Clark family

Hobo Hill House might seem like an ordinary house from the outside, however, its walls harbor things beyond the constraints of mere human thinking. Being one of the most haunted houses in the States, hundreds of people visit the house to experience the eerie occurrences. The Clarks reportedly saw a tall man wearing a suit and a top hat and even heard strange noises whisper “Hi” when they entered the house. After spending seven spooky months in the house, they decided to vacate it and turned it into an Airbnb for all the paranormal fanatics out there.


If you want to visit the ghosts of the Hobo Hill House you can rent out the place for $325 per night by visiting the Airbnb website. However, be warned that the Hobo Hill House is very much haunted and is not for the likes of those with a weak heart and a shy bladder. 

4. The Witch House

The Witch House

Location – Salem, Massachusetts

According to the official website of the Witch House, it is the only structure in Salem that has direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and is open to visitors. Jonathan Corwin, the man who was responsible for charging and executing a total of nineteen people suspected of witchcraft, purchased the Witch House in the year 1675. The house is said to harbor the Corwin Curse, which many believe is responsible for the deaths of all five of Jonathan’s children. 

The Haunting of the Witch House

Jonathan Corwin, the Salem Witch Trials

The Witch House is regarded as one of the most mysterious haunted houses in the world. To this day it remains unclear if the house is haunted by the vengeful spirits of the accused witches or if the Corwin family themselves are hanging around the premises, refusing to venture into the afterlife. Many visitors have claimed to have heard disembodied voices during their visit to the Witch House and some even reported feeling the presence of unseen spirits. 

Tour Price 

The house is open throughout the week from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The tour of the house is self-guided and costs only $9.00. You can purchase your tickets by visiting The Witch House website.

5. Villisca Ax Murder House

Villisca Ax Murder House

Location – Villisca, Iowa

Villisca is a small town in Iowa with a population of only 1,108 people and is living proof that not all small towns are boring. Housing one of the most haunted houses in the States, the place is a must-visit during the spooky season. Despite being a quaint town, the sleepy spot holds a chilling history that dates back to the year 1912. In 1912, the Villisca Ax Murder House was home to a family of two adults, Josiah, and Sarah Moore, and their four children. 

On the fateful night of June 9th, 1912, the Moore family, along with two house guests were brutally murdered with an axe. While the murderer was never caught, historians have suspected four people among which Frank F. Jones, Josiah’s former employer is at the top of the list. Now the house is believed to be among the most haunted houses in the world and attracts hundreds of horror fanatics.

The Haunting of Villisca Ax Murder House

Villisca Ax Murder House family

It is reported that the Moore family never left their home and that their spirits still roam its halls. Those who have visited the place claimed to have felt the presence of Josiah and Sarah along with their four children and two friends. 

Tour Price 

The house is open to daytime tours and horror fanatics are also welcome to stay the night. The price of the day tour for those 12 and above is $10, while for seniors it is $5. The house is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Those wanting to spend the night at the house have to pay $428, which allows a group of 1 to 6 people. For any additional guests, visitors will have to pay a sum of $75. For bookings and reservations, just head on to the Villisca Ax Murder House website.

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