Traveling with Pets: 7 Important Tips

Traveling with pets can be a joyful and exciting experience if proper preparation and planning is done on time. While traveling we get to witness a different side of their personalities as they explore new surroundings and interact with new people. Moreover, while we are away from home it is also comforting to have them by our side, knowing that they are okay and within our sight. However, there are some basic guidelines that you must follow and pitfalls you need to avoid when traveling with your fur babies. In this article, we will highlight seven issues of traveling with pets you need to address before hitting the road.

1. Judge How Well Your Pet Travels

Behaviour of pets when traveling

Every pet has different reactions to car rides, some get excited and jump with joy while others are afraid to even step a paw in the car. Before going on the trip, take your pet on short rides to see how it reacts and to make sure that it is comfortable beforehand. Moreover, going on short rides will also help you know if your pet gets car sick. If it does you can ask your vet to prescribe a medicine.

However, beware that some medicines have serious side effects, and it’s important to ask your vet for a medicine that will not have an adverse impact on your pet’s health. Also, before embarking on the journey, take your pet out for a stroll or a quick round of exercise. This way they will be happily exhausted, and you will be able to calm them down easily while on the read. 

2. Plan and Pack Your Pet’s Supplies in Advance 

Pack pet supplies

Before going on a trip with your furry friend, make sure to pack the following items:

  • Pet food
  • Treats
  • Freshwater
  • Prescribed medications
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Pet identification tags bearing updated information 

When traveling with pets, make sure to pack enough food that will last the entire trip. If you think that the trip will outlast your pet’s food supply, make sure to locate the stores along your route that sell its food. Traveling can cause stress which can lead to your pet having an upset tummy or lack of appetite. The last thing you want to deal with is switching your pet’s food suddenly during a cross-country trip. 

3. Prepare for Pet Emergencies

Be prepared for pet emergencies

Pet’s medical problems and injuries can be more difficult to deal with especially when you are traveling. Therefore, be prepared, and carry the following things:

  • The medical records of your pet
  • Phone number of your vet
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Backup food and water supply

Traveling with pets is more cumbersome and complicated than traveling without them. There is no doubt about that. But pets also deserve to enjoy the adventures of travel, and nothing is fun when you don’t have your furry friend by your side. 

4. Locate a Pet-Friendly Hotel or Accommodation 

Pet-friendly hotels

When traveling with pets, look for pet-friendly hotels and accommodations. Make sure to look for the restrictions they have, what pet size they allow, and the number of pets allowed. Some places have shedding and weight restrictions, so be sure that you fit the requirements of the accommodation. Moreover, some places allow pets to stay free of charge whereas some charge by night. Furthermore, always go with a hotel that has a designated area where you can take your pets for or walk or to just stretch their legs. 

5. While on the Road, Keep Your Pets Secured

Keep pets secured on road

When traveling with pets don’t let them roam freely while you drive as doing so can injure both your pet and passengers moreover it can also lead to an accident. An eager pup or a slinky cat can also slip out of an open car door or window in the blink of an eye. Therefore, keep your pets secured at all times. Dogs should be kept in a crate or secured to a seatbelt via a harness. Cats should be kept in a carrier or a crate.  

6. Necessary Precautions Before Traveling by Air

Traveling with pets by air

If you are traveling with pets by air, have them checked by a vet to make sure that they are healthy enough to fly. Moreover, before booking a ticket check the airline’s requirements and restrictions for pets. During the flight, your pet will be kept in a pet crate. For a small dog, you can get a carrier that will keep it safe through the flight. If the airline allows it, you can keep the carrier with you during the flight.

However, if your dog is too large to ride on the plane with you, I will be kept in the cargo area. When you are selecting a carrier for your pet, make sure that is airline approved. Moreover, have your pet wear a collar with an identification tag, it is also a good idea to put your pet’s information on the crate. 

5 Best Paw-Friendly Airlines

Don’t know which airline you should book when traveling with pets? Fret not, as we have compiled a list of 5 best paw-friendly airlines, that will ensure the safety and comfort of your fur babies and will give you peace of mind when traveling with pets.

7. Review your Pet’s Health Insurance Policy 

Pet Insurance Policy

Before traveling with pets, make sure to review their health insurance policy. Check if the policy allows you to visit a different vet and if it will cover your pet out of state. Moreover, also check if your policy covers after-hours and emergency visits. Knowing that your pet’s health is covered will relieve a heavy burden off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy the trip without any worries.

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