Skyscanner Revealed the Top 2024 US and Global Travel Trends

Skyscanner revealed the top 2024 US and Global travel trends as 2023 nears completion. Only time will tell if these trends take off in the coming year, or if they will fall to the ground, never to be seen again like Tornado Tourism.  
Skyscanner Revealed the Top 2024 US and Global Travel Trends

As hard as it is to believe, 2023 is coming to an end. It seems only yesterday we were celebrating the birth of 2023 with our friends and family. So much has transpired this year and yet it feels as if the year went by in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, 2023 is coming to an end, and the travel industry is now casting its gaze forward trying to foretell what the new year has in store for the travel and tourism sector. Meta search engine Skyscanner recently compiled its Travel Trends 2024 report, in which Skyscanner revealed the top 2024 US and global travel trends by analyzing current consumer behaviors. 

Skyscanner managed to uncover some major trends and motivators among the world’s travelers by analyzing its proprietary search and booking data combined with a survey of 18,000 global respondents. 

  • The vast majority, about 85% of United States travellers plan on taking the same number of international trips in 2024 as they did in 2023, if not more.
  • About 40% of travelers from the United States consider destination to be an important factor when deciding where to go in 2024. 
  • 16% of United States travelers indicate that when it comes to choosing the next year’s destination, the cost of a hotel stay is the primary consideration. 
  • Despite the economic challenges that have befallen the world, about 39% of travelers from the U.S. have budgeted to spend more on travel and vacation in 2024 as compared to 2023.

Culture Craze among the Travel Tends of 2024

In the year 2024, cultural exploration will be the priority of travelers. Consumers are demonstrating wide-ranging curiosity and will be traveling to far-off places in 2024 to satiate their cravings for cultural exploration. Nowadays, travelers crave more than just seeing sights in another country, they crave experience and immersive feelings. If 2023 was all about revenge travel, then 2024 is about traveling with intention, in pursuit of authentic destination immersion. According to Lee Chambers, a psychologist and founder of award-winning wellbeing and inclusion agency, Essentialise:

“Travel is being attached more closely to identity, with purpose and meaning embedded into decisions and immersion being increasingly important, whether within a community of fans, our cultural exploration or within ourselves,”

2024 is All About Chasing Vibes

travel tends

The travel trends of 2024 that Skyscanner released show that 2024 is going to be all about the vibes. Travelers nowadays are in search of cultural experiences that will allow them to vibe with the place they are traveling to. When Skyscanner revealed the top 2024 US and Global travel trends, the one thing that many noticed in it was how densely the element of “vibes” was associated with future travels. Travel trends of 2023 reflect a variety of vibes that travelers covet, Skyscanner has characterized some of them as gig-tripping, set-jetting, and foodie faves.

For the year 2024, many artists have announced world tours which led to the trend of gig-tripping. Gig-tripping means travelers hitting the road in order to catch their favourite artists’ or bands’ live concert performances. Among U.S travellers, 44% indicated a willingness to fly short-haul and see their favourite artists, while about 18% are open to going the extra mile and opt for long-haul flights. 34% of travellers in the U.S. indicated that they plan to attend local music events in 2024, while a surprising 60% of travellers are open to gig-tripping abroad to save money on tickets. 

Set-jetting, a trend that came to life with the ambition of travelers to visit real-life filming locations that served as backdrops for their favorite movies and TV shows. Skyscanner found that about 29% of U.S. travellers tend to turn to movies and TV shows as sources of travel inspiration. Netflix’s hit series Emily in Paris has inspired many trips o the foreign land of Paris, with one in three travellers from the United States citing the rom-com as inspiration for exploring the City of Love. After the hit series released its 3rd season, Skyscanner saw a 32% increase in flights to Paris, as fans of Emily in Paris took to the air to make their cinematic dreams come to life. 

Budget Bougie Foodies – Skyscanner Revealed the Top 2024 US and Global Travel Trend

For as many as 27% of travelers indulging in their travel destinations’ local cuisines rank high on their priority list. In fact, about 47% of travelers from the U.S. said that they have selected travel destinations based on the location of the specific restaurants they wanted to try. 

After the havoc of 2020, don’t we all want to disconnect from the world for a while and just relax? One of the travel trends in 2024, is the growing desire to disconnect and focus on the rejuvenating aspects of travel and tourism which of course includes sleep. As the importance of sleep health gains more attention, about 50% of United States travellers are being more mindful of their sleep health while on travels. 

In fact, the mere act of sleeping now ranks as the top activity on 24% of American travelers’’ agendas, trailed closely by cooking classes and outdoor activities. This travel trend of sleeping reveals that more and more travelers are seeking holistic experiences that encompass both engagement and relaxation. 49% of travelers believe that they sleep better when they are on vacation, while 75% state they don’t get the recommended 7-8 hours of nightly sleep. Travel trends reveal that about 44% of travelers are gearing toward sleep retreats in 2024. 

Travel Types

Types of travellers

The Travel Trends 2024 report by Skyscanner also pointed out some behavior-led travel types that will dominate the travel scene in the coming year of 2024. In addition to seeking out destinations on the basis of cultural experiences, travelers are also planning visits around their individual personalities and identities.

Analog Adventurers

These travelers seek to disconnect from the influx of technology and rebel against digital connectivity. To spend some time away from the all-encompassing technology many travelers are searching out analog adventures. About 31% of Americans aged 10 to 24 tend to pack digital cameras or camcorders on their trips. While they might desire a tech-free vacation, severing all and every connection with technology in today’s digital age is tough. About 78% of American travelers said that they value their time away from tech, however, 50% stated that they still find themselves endlessly scrolling or tending to work while on vacation. 

Celebration Vacationers

Celebration travelers prioritize travel to distinct locations when it comes to celebrating several occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or other accomplishments. About 79% of travelers in the U.S. have already taken such celebration vacations and 12% wish to do so in the future.

Luxe-for-Less Seekers

Amidst the economic crises rampaging our bank accounts, many travelers are seeking opportunities to embrace adorable luxury experiences on their trips. And by affordable luxury travel, we mean what ever fits in their budget that can range from glamping to vacationing on a private yacht. In the year 2024, about 38% of American travelers are looking to upgrade their air travel arrangements to either Business or First Class whereas 39% plan to purchase airport lounge access. There are also countless destinations around the world that offer the 5-star experience without the five-star price tag.

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