Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations

Be honest, how many of you switched your Halloween decorations for Christmas décor seconds after the month of October passed on the baton to November? Even though Thanksgiving lies in the middle of Halloween and Christmas, most of us tend to celebrate Turkey Day against the backdrop of Christmas décor. There is just something about Christmas, the holiday tends to evoke feelings of coziness, warmth, and togetherness. We all celebrate Christmas in distinct ways.

For some of us, the perfect Christmas involves snowy mountains, a wintery breeze, hot chocolate, and a crackling fire. Whereas for some, Christmas is all about lounging on a beach with family and friends, miles away from the cold weather. We are guilty of possessing the traits of both kinds of Christmas celebrators. 

However, in this article, we will be targeting the ones, who are fans of a white Christmas. Let’s take a look at the top 10 magical white Christmas destinations that you can fly out to this festive season and spend the holiday surrounded by a blanket of white snow. 

Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations – An Overview

Christmas is undoubtedly the most magical time of the year. And even those who don’t celebrate the holiday can feel the magic in the air when the festive time is near. The month of November is when we start making our Christmas plans, do we want to spend Christmas at home, or should we make a vacation out of it? Should Christmas this year be spent amongst the snowcapped mountains or lounging on the sand, against the backdrop of crashing waves?

These are some of the questions most of us ask ourselves as the magical time nears. So, if you are deciding on the perfect destination to spend a white Christmas in, consult our article that highlights the most magical white Christmas Destinations in three highly coveted tourist regions around the world. 

Magical White Christmas Destinations in Europe 

Rovaniemi, Finland – The Most Traditional among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations

Rovaniemi, Finland

If you want to bask in the atmosphere of a traditional white Christmas in Europe, then drop every other destination and just go with Rovaniemi, Finland. Lying just a stone throw away from the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is a quaint town, widely regarded as the official hometown of Santa Claus. Christmas is the time when Rovaniemi truly shines and comes to life. Imagine spending the magical holiday in a place that jumps straight out of a fairy tale, where white snow blankets the vast expense of land, and the Northern Lights dance in the starry sky with merry joy. 

Rovaniemi offers an unforgettable and unique Christmas experience. The festive season in the town is filled with fun winter activities for families. Take your little munchkins hand and visit the Santa Claus Village where you will get to meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle. Share your Christmas wishes with the jolly old man and snap a picture or two for lasting memories.

You can also play with genuine Siberian Huskies and their adorable puppies and can also take a short sleigh ride. Many tour operators in the area offer this exciting experience, where you can feel the cool breeze on your face all the while enjoying the peacefulness of Lapland wilderness while being pulled by these friendly and energetic dogs. 

Another fun place that you can visit with your family is the Snowman Ice World, where everything is built out of ice and snow. Moreover, Christmas is also the ideal time to witness the most awe-inspiring phenomena of all, the Northern Lights also known as the Aurora Borealis. You can opt for a guided tour and spend a magical Christmas evening chasing the elusive dancing lights.

Other fun activities that you can enjoy in Rovaniemi include farm visits, sleigh rides, and visiting the Ranua Zoo, where you can glimpse the only polar bears living in Finland as well as other arctic and northern animals. All in all, there is no place on earth that captures the magic of Christmas better than Rovaniemi.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany – The Most Scenic among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is one of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe, harboring awesome mountain views of the Alps, and exceptional ski resorts. The beautiful wintery scenery with snow-covered mountains will make all of your white Christmas dreams come true. When on a vacation to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, don’t miss the beautiful and cozy Christkindlesmarkt which literally means Baby Jesus Market. 

The market offers a one-of-a-kind experience and brings the Christmas spirit to life. Here you can take your family’s hand and stroll through the pedestrian zone, enjoying local treats like marmalades, crepes, roasted chestnuts, and chocolate fondue. Listen to the Alpine music as you stroll the Christkindlesmarkt market and admire the artworks and handicrafts that the market harbors. Once you get tired from all the walking you can relax on a drawn sleigh ride as you take in the fabulous winery scenery.

No visit to Germany is complete without witnessing the magical Neuschwanstein Castle in all of its glory. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of Germany’s most beautiful castles and its beauty is accentuated during the winter season as the white snow blankets the beautiful castle and its surroundings. 

The castle is located west of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, about one hour drive away. You can easily take a day trip to the castle and witness its grandeur as it stands amidst the white snow. When in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, there are plenty of day trips that you can take, including a trip to Zugspitze, where you can hop on a cable car ride and go up to Germany’s highest mountain. You can also go on a trip with your family to the beautiful Innsbruck in Austria. 

Prague, Czech Republic – The Most Fantastic among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most fantastic white Charismas destinations in Europe is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The Prague Christmas Markets will surely put you and your family in the Christmas spirit with its festive decorations and merry atmosphere. At the market, you can purchase a few gifts for the rest of your family back home. The markers here are filled to the brim with local handcrafts, dolls dressed in traditional costumes, ornaments, and much more. To statiate your hanger, you can go up to one of the street stalls selling snacks, and grab a few to munch on. 

During winter, Prague transforms into a fantastical realm, where you can get cozy and enjoy the beautiful snow-covered sights as you sip hot chocolate from your steaming mug. Also, during your Christmas vacation make sure to visit the Prague Zoo, which is regarded as the fourth-best zoo in the world. Your little munchkins will surely enjoy the zoo’s special Christmas program, which is held every year during the merry festival. Other winter activities that you enjoy in the city include skiing in nearby resorts as well as ice staking.

St Petersburg, Russia – The Most Enchanting among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg in Russia lies only 800 km or 500 miles away from the Arctic Circle and exudes the most magical and enchanting vibes during Christmas time. From troika rides to onion domes, to richly spiced Glühwein, there is countless reason why you should spend Christmas in St Petersburg, Russia. Apart from its natural beauty, you can also bask in the wonderment of its alluring museums and satiate your hunger by devouring the city’s decadent cuisine. Head on to St Petersburg’s eclectic boutiques doe some last-minute Christmas shopping. 

If you are thinking of traveling to St Petersburg, Russia to spend Christmas there is one thing you must keep in mind Russia follows the Julian calendar and hence celebrates Christmas on January 7th instead of December 25th. Highlights of Christmas festivities in St Petersburg include ice skating, Christmas markets, the international winter festival, and visiting the reindeer farm. However, be mindful to pack lots of warm clothing as winter in St Petersburg is no joke.

Magical White Christmas Destinations in the United States

New York, USA – The Most Ideal Destination among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

New York, USA

During the Christmas holidays, New York City dons its best attire of whitest snow and jingle bells, transforming itself into a literal winter wonderland. Christmas in New York is next level, which makes it an ideal destination for a family vacation during the merry time. There are many things that you can do in New York City during the Christmas season like witness its first-holiday lights tour, where you can hop aboard a bus on a tour to view the Christmas lights, trees, and festive decorations that the city is decked in. The twinkling New York City against the backdrop of the inky black sky is truly a treat for the eyes. 

When on a Christmas vacation in the Big Apple check out the holiday windows and Santaland, where you will get the honor of meeting Santa Claus and his elves. Also, head to the Rockefeller Center to check out the magnificent Christmas tree. Don’t forget to skate Rockefeller’s famous skate rink with the iconic golden statue of Prometheus overhead.

New York City also holds a musical holiday stage show every year on Christmas called the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. The 90-minute show features more than 140 performers along with an original music score, including singing, humor, and dancing with traditional scenes. The show is appropriate for kids of all ages and is the perfect way to get in the feels of Christmas.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming USA – The Most Picture Perfect among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming USA

Another perfect destination in the United States where you can spend the ideal white Christmas with your family is the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Its breathtaking scenery and utterly beautiful winter landscape will take all of your stress away and put you in the holiday spirit, also there is a 100 percent chance that you might wake up to at least three inches of snow on Christmas Day. Yellowstone National Park is a great place to bask in the presence of your family and loved ones as you appreciate nature around you and engage in outdoor activities like snowshoeing skiing, or brisk hiking. 

The national park  also has an abundant treasure of wildlife, and once in a while when the large mammals make an appearance in the frosty grounds, Yellowstone becomes 200 times more spectacular. In addition to beautiful wildlife, Yellowstone National Park is also home to hot springs, geysers, and several other thermal features, that help make your holiday a unique and unforgettable experience.

Vail, Colorado USA – The Most Incredible among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

Vail, Colorado USA

One word that can effortlessly encompass the entirety of Vail is “magical”. Spending the Christmas holidays in Vail with your friends and family is truly worthwhile. When in Vail you can enjoy winter sleigh rides that are drawn by horses, and bask in the surrounding beauty of the winter wonderland. You can also go ice skating in indoor or outdoor ice-skating rinks with your family and make some winter memories that will cherish for days to come. 

Don’t miss the chance to visit Vail Village, which comes to life during the holidays as it gets decked with beautiful Christmas decorations. The village houses incredible world-class restaurants that serve the most decadent food you will ever taste. Shops, cafes, and boutiques also line the village. Also, as the area receives a lot of snow, you either go skinning and snowboarding or make snowmen and snow angels with your family. 

Magical White Christmas Destinations in Canada 

Whistler, Canada – The Most Breathtaking among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

Whistler, Canada

The perfect place to enjoy a Canadian Christmas is definitely Whistler. With its snow globe-inspired village, twinkling lights, and holiday events, Whistler is a place that goes all out for Christmas. During Christmas week, the place offers tons of activities that you can engage in from festive light displays to ice skating in the Village, to visits from Santa to dog sledding and snow tubing. 

One main event that the Whistler Village holds and is not to missed is the Whistler Fire and Ice Show. This show is one of the best ones in town and involves aerial acrobatics shows performed by professional skiers and riders. Gaps in awe, as you witness the professions, move through a blazing ring of fire and perform various tricks like fire spinning. You can also go ice skating with your family at the free outdoor ice skating rink that is surrounded by the most breathtaking views. 

Banff, Canada – The Most Tranquil among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

Banff, Canada

If a quiet snowy holiday Is more up your alley, then it will do you well to visit Banff during the Christmas holidays. The Banff National Park is the ideal place to spend a quiet, lowkey Christmas with your family. You can rent a cozy cabin there, and with your family watch the snow pile high on trees, and the town come to life with twinkling Christmas lights. Some of the cabin-style accommodations that you can book in Banff include Storm Mountain Lodge, Castle Mountain Chalets, and Baker Creek. All of these accommodations harbor exciting family activities that will fill your days with merry joy. Moreover, incredible holiday shows also take place in Banff and Lake Louise in winter. 

When in Banff you can also take up winter tours or go on ice walks and snowshoe tours. If you are a family who loves the outdoors and has a strong affinity for skiing, then Banff is the ideal destination for you as it houses three incredible ski resorts. For some last-minute Christmas shopping visits, the Banff Christmas Market harbors various shops selling jewelry, art, clothing, and accessories. Also, when you visit the Christmas market don’t forget to check out the Spirit of Christmas Shop that harbors the loveliest Christmas decorations and ornaments. 

To bask in the beauty of Banff, opt for horse-drawn sleigh rides along the majestic Lake Louise to the frozen Louise Falls, and holiday wagon rides. Take your children to have their pictures taken with Santa and listen to Christmas stories by the Banff Public Library staff. All in all, Banff National Park is an ideal Christmas destination, that fills your heart with merriment and joy with its frozen lake, snow-covered trees, towering mountains, and outdoor skating rinks.

Quebec City, Canada – The Most Unique among the Top 10 Magical White Christmas Destinations 

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City transforms into a winter wonderland when Christmas knocks at its door. Nicknamed Little Europe, Quebec City is without a doubt one of the most incredible places to spend Christmas in. One of the places that is a must-visit during your Quebec vacation is its German-inspired Christmas market.

This market is one of the most magical places in the area and comes to life during the Christmas season. Resonating with a warm and unique atmosphere, the market is decked with beautiful Christmas decorations and trees. Many indoor and outdoor performances also take place there and even Santa makes an appearance. The Christmas market also harbors a Kindermarkt which is an area designed for kids and harbors many activities that will keep the children entertained. 

Quebec’s castle-like hotel Chateau Frontenac Hotel is also a slight to beheld during the merry season of Christmas, with its alluring holiday décor and beautiful tree displays. At the foot of Chateau Frontenac lies the beautiful little street, Rue du Petit Champlain, where you can stroll and enjoy the beautiful, merry atmosphere. The city also harbors many fun activities for thrill-loving families. Fun-seekers can head a bit out of the city to engage in a fun day of skiing.

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