Foodie Flies: Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

There is a saying that food always tastes better in the air, but some however beg to differ. You might have heard people say how disgusting airplane food is. Might have even seen several vloggers, sitting in their bouji first class, nitpicking every single detail of the meal served to them with a scowl on their faces. But to be honest, not every airline serves disgusting food.

The quality of food actually depends on the airline you opt for.There are several high-end airlines that have funneled more investment into the meal service in order to lure in more customers.  A great tactic indeed, as what better way to attract a human than to lure it with aromatic and scrumptious food? Let’s take a look at the top 10 airlines with the best inflight food.

Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food – Overview

Are you a foodie looking for the beat airlines that offer scrumptious inflight food? Well look no further, as we have got you covered, given below are the overviews of the top 10 airlines with the best inflight food. Read the article to know what they have to offer.

1. Emirates – #1 among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Emirates - Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Emirates is a top-tier, cutting-edge airline that does not compromise on customer satisfaction and comfort in the least. If you have money to burn and are looking for the best inflight experience and dining, then Emirates is the way to go. First-class passengers are served with unlimited pours of Dom Pérignon, a vintage champagne that will wow you to the core. Passengers are given a wide range of options to select from for each course. Moreover, they are also given the freedom to mix and match with no limitations. For an appetizer, you can either get a fresh salad, an Arabic mezze, or a crisp and caviar with accompaniments.

Main courses arrive hot and plated and are a true definition of extravagance. If you are however not in the mood for something fancy, the airline also offers a “Movie Snack” menu that harbors everything from burger sliders to red-striped boxes of popcorn. The reason Emirates was made a part of our top 10 airlines with the best inflight food article is that, even though first-class passengers get royal treatment, economy-class guests aren’t treated like peasants. They are also provided with scrumptious multiple courses which can include, salad, bread, dessert, and a main course.

2. Singapore Airlines – Most Luxurious among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Singapore Airlines

If you want to experience true luxury, then you better give Singapore Airlines a try. Their first-class experience is the stuff of legends. With showers, queen-sized beds, and personal pajamas, the airline provides the ultimate royal experience. The tickets are a bit costly but hey if you got money to spend why shouldn’t you enjoy the luxuries this world has to offer.

The food served by the airline is not just good it is utterly scrumptious and delectable. Their menu has over two dozen items from the roasted rack of lamb with pea puree to hot khao thom to lobster noodles with spring onion and ginger broth, and of course, a chilled caviar appetizer as what extravagance is complete without this bouji delicacy?

There is one thing about the airline that we are particularly sad about. During Covid, the company had to make some cutbacks, due to which its economy class service is not what it used to be. Even though it is still one of the best options out there, one can’t help but remanence about the past when economy guests were served drinks in glassware and the meal used to consist of a big bowl of Singaporean laksa. Nevertheless, the airline is still a pretty solid flying option and that is why it was made a part of the top 10 airlines with the best inflight food list.

3. Cathay Pacific – Best Economy among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Cathay Pacific

With constant upgrades and tweaks to service, Cathay Pacific is regarded as one of the most luxurious airlines. When the pandemic hit, almost all the airlines started to cut back, struggling to maintain a good reputation all the while catching up on lost revenue. But not Cathay Pacific. This airline remains one of the most consistently great carriers, that offers great comfort and excellent food in each class.

First-class guests are offered the comfort of the world’s largest seats and are treated to a white linen and crystal stemware dining experience. When supper rolls in you get caviar for appetizer and champagne which is followed by an array of scrumptious choices.

Cathay Airline’s lack of class discrimination is what landed it in our top 10 airlines with the best inflight food list. The airline does not neglect its economy guests in the least. They offer wide and comfortable seats, with great menus. The menus of each class are probated online, allowing you to reserve your meal of choice beforehand.

4. Etihad Airways – Most Extravagant among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food


Etihad is the epitome of extravagance and luxury. If you want to travel first class then you better pick Etihad as you will get special privileges like a private Etihad chauffeur, who will escort you to and from the airport, and of course extravagant lounges at the airport. You can also get one of the exclusive apartments if you are willing to splurge a little. The apartments house a double bed and a private bathroom with a shower.

When it comes to food, the airline goes all out. On Etihad instead of flight attendants, onboard chefs make your food, which ensures that everything is cooked to perfection and plated right. Etihad does not publish in-flight menus, but you will probably get choices between traditional Emirati dishes along destination-inspired meals. There is also an on-demand menu that includes the airline’s signature Etihad steak sandwich.

5. Oman Air – Budget-Friendly among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Oman Air

Oman Air is a top-notch airline that offers a great combination of low fare and decent food. In the upper classes, the airline offers meals on demand. This means that passengers can order whatever they want, whenever they want. Guests are provided with a selection of six different appetizers to choose from, including Beluga caviar with all the accompaniments.

For the main entrée, you get just as many options that range from vegetable tortellini with basil cream sauce to braised lamb with olive pimiento and tomato sauce.  First and business-class passengers are served food on beautiful ceramic plates with crustal stemware, filled with expensive beverages. Economy class passengers however do not get this fine spread, but they do get nice food. In the economy class, they serve the main course with a soft roll and butter, an appetizer as well as a dessert.

6. Turkish Airlines – Best Service among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is a top-rated airline and a part of our top 10 airlines with the best inflight food list, due to its consistently great service and top-tier food in every class. The airline has a dedicated onboard chef who prepares the meals for first and business-class passengers. This allows the guests to choose how they want their food to be prepared, down to the doneness of their steak. The menu houses a wide range of options and is broken down into sections. These sections include nine red meat selections, fifteen fish and white meat options, and a whopping 20 different options for pasts and vegetables.

The economy-class guests are also provided with great food and the utmost comfort. The Economy guests are also offered scrumptious food even on short-haul flights less than three hours. Moreover, not only do the guests get served a hot meal but the food is also served in bowls and dishes instead of the dismal plastic trays. Along with the flavorful meal, the economy guests are also provided with a side dish, mostly humus, as well as fresh salad and a chocolate mousse dessert.

7.Virgin Atlantic – Finest Upper-Class Menu among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is one of the top 10 airlines with the best inflight food and is applauded for having the finest upper-class menu in the world of aviation. The airline operates routes between the United Kingdom, and the USA, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. The meals servers by Virgin Atlantic are a four-course affair that consists of elegant and mouthwatering appetizers, a scrumptious main course, a delicious dessert, and a final course of cheese and port wine. The food selections change quite often, but the appetizer course could be grilled asparagus with quail’s eggs and chive mayonnaise, along with breaded chicken breast stuffed with garlic truffle butter for the main course.

If you are flying in upper class on an Airbus A350, you will be offered an additional option of dining in “The Loft”. The Loft is a social place on the plane that is designed for people to socialize and have a cocktail or two. Economy class passengers also get a decent hot meal that comes with a dessert, biscuits, bread, butter, and cheese. As Virgin Atlantic is a British airline, they also serve tea along with a small scone or other snacks.

8. Korean Air – Most Outstanding Inflight Meals among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Korean Air

If you want to fly with an airline that has won awards for its outstanding inflight meals, then Korean Air is the best one for you. We might have included Korean Air in our top 10 airlines with the best inflight food list because of its Korean food entrees and ramen, but we just wanted you to experience the joy of eating ramen thousands of feet in the air. Trust us, it tastes more delicious on an airplane. If you book first-class seats with the airline, you will be served two substantial meals, along with an assortment of snacks.

When traveling from Los Angeles to Seoul, you will be first served with garlic cream cheese stuffed mushroom and tomato followed by a deluxe caviar service. After that comes the soup course, and then a palate-cleansing sherbet. For main entrees, you can get anything from Korean bibimbap with gochujang and seasonal vegetables to Black Angus beef tenderloin with baked potato. After dinner, you will be served with a cheese tray and a chocolate velvet cake with ice cream.

Even though the prestige and economy classes are much less elaborate they are still substantial. Flights across the Pacific serve two meals, one of which is the same bibimbap that is served to first-class passengers, although not on ceramic plates. Also, you should get spicy ramen, because for reasons unknown it just tastes so good in the air. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

9. Hawaiian Airlines – Best Domestic Airline among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Hawaiian Airlines

For its impeccable service and above-average meals, Hawaiian Airlines has received several best domestic American airline awards and therefore was included among the top 10 airlines with the best inflight food. From the beginning of the flight, first-flight customers are treated to a special dining experience. They are greeted with a choice of cocktail, champagne, passion orange guava juice, Mai Tai, and warm macadamia nuts. The main course varies with the time of day but comes with a side dish, main entrée, and a dessert. Economy class passengers are also served a hot meal. Passengers get two complimentary meals with free drinks.

10. Air France – Most Bouji among the Top 10 Airlines with the Best Inflight Food

Air France

France is known for its food, and it doesn’t compromise on food quality at its airline either. Each class gets solid dining options along finest wine and champagne menus. Air France is a part of our top 10 airlines with the best inflight food list because of its commitment to preparing food from locally sourced ingredients. Moreover, every meal that is served to infants and children is made from organically grown ingredients.

The upper class of Air France is referred to as “La Première” and servers every meal on designer porcelain plates, and crystal stemware. Meals begin with a foie gras terrine, and the menu is designed by the finest chefs France has in its arsenal. Every class on the flight gets treated to two hot meals and complimentary drinks.

Top 10 Airlines with the Best Economy Class

Looking to fly on a budget, but don’t want to spend the entire journey restless? Take a look at our article where we have listed the 10 airlines that have the best economy class.

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