The Super Yacht, Titania, Featured in the Crown is Up for Grabs 

The super yacht, Titania, featured in the Crown is up for booking. The season shot some of the most iconic scenes featuring Dodi and Diana on the yacht. 
The Super Yacht, Titania, Featured in the Crown is Up for Grabs 
The Super Yacht, Titania

Those who are fans of the show and are watching the sixth and the final season of The Crown are very well familiar with the scenes that featured the late Princess Diana played by Elizabeth Debicki and her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed, portrayed by Khalid Abdala, onboard an extremely luxurious yacht that belonged to the Al-Fayed family. If watching the scenes, had you daydreaming sitting aboard the Titania, donning a turquoise bathing suit as you sail above the Mediterranean Sea, well then, we have good news for you. You can book the very same luxurious super yacht, Titania for $615,000 per week during the off-season.

Titania Super Yacht

The Super Yacht, Titania, and The Crown Season 6

Titania is a 239-foot super yacht that is listed for charter with a luxury boat charter company called Burgess. Burgess refers to itself as the “go-to yacht brokerage for television and film.” According to Burgess, Titania, a super yacht was used as a stand-in for Mohamed Al-Fayed’s Codecasa super yacht called Bash.

During the scene, the yacht hosted the two princes, William and Harry, princes Diana, and her boyfriend Dosi Al-Fayed on a trip to St- Topez in the year 1997, just one week before the princess and Dodi passed away in Paris. The scene recreated their time on the yacht and some iconic palazzi photos of it. Writers Lucy Ford said in an article that she wrote for the companion website of Netflix, Tudum:

“When it came to scenes of Diana and Dodi on the yacht, they did indeed film those moments on a boat on the Mediterranean,” Lucy Ford quotes Debicki as saying, “It was a very big, fancy boat. It was enormous and kind of outrageous and exactly what the story needed. That was pretty extraordinary, to be on a big boat like that with bedrooms the size of people’s apartments. We never really took that for granted.”

Martin Childs, production designer told Tudum:

“The whole schedule was based around the availability of the biggest yacht.”

The Chronicles of Titania 

Titania, the super yacht was built in 2006 by luxury company Lurssen and ever since then has undergone two major makeovers. The yacht was originally designed by Espen Øino, a naval architect, and harbors an airy and light interior with blue and white textiles, dark wood trim, numerous windows as well as a large outdoor space. The super yacht houses seven cabins, including two owner’s suites, and sleeps a total of 12 guests. Moreover, each cabin harbors its own luxuriously spacious en suite marble bathroom. 

Even though Titania is a contemporary vessel boasting modern furnishings and fines, according to Tudum, The Crown team had to “’90s-ify” the interiors of the yacht or filming. These 90s renovations involved adding “bulky lamps, varnished teak wood, and particular shades of turquoise and cream,” wrote Lucy Ford. The Crown’s headset decorator, Alison Harvey, told Tudum:

“The yacht obviously exists as a contemporary yacht,” 

“We just had to bring in more ’90s fabric and more ’90s-flavor pictures and paintings and make it a little less on point in terms of proper super-yacht decor today.”

The state-of-the-art yacht comes with a sea-level beach club, a jacuzzi, and pool with a swim-up bar, a fitness center with a personal trainer, a sauna, a beauty salon with a beautician, a sky lounge that harbors a drop-down cinema, and a massage room that houses an onboard masseuse. The board onboard has 21 crew members who see to the needs and requirements of guests. 

Included with the weekly charter, the price of which ranges from $615,000 to $715,000 per week, two jet skis, two kayaks, snorkeling and diving gear, two boat tenders, two Seabobs, two stand-up paddleboards, two sailing dinghies, an e-Foil, surfboards, inflatable aquatic slides, water skis, and jumping pads. 

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