Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye Amid the Israel-Hamas Conflict?

Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, many are wondering if it is safe to travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye. The UK and EU officials haven’t released any travel advisory regarding whether it is safe to travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye or not. 
Gaza A Tale of Blood, Agony and Massacre
Gaza: A Tale of Blood, Agony and Massacre

Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye Amid the Israel-Hamas Conflict?

The war that started from the surprise attack of Hamas on Israel has turned into a bloody massacre of Palestinian civilians residing in Gaza. The militant group, Hamas that lit the flames of the conflict is eerily silent as Israel continues to drop bombs on Gaza which is home to over 2 million innocent Palestinian civilians. With Israel’s relentless attacks on the residents of Gaza and the silence of Hamas, many believe that the conflict was a joint agenda of Hamas and Israel to wipe Palestinians and Gaza off the face of the earth.

As Israel continues its massacre, UK and EU governments released travel advisory regarding travel to Israel and the West Bank however whether it is safe to travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye, is a question that is yet to be addressed by the officials. But no indication has been made to suggest that travel to the three countries is in any way dangerous or life-threatening. 

However, even if it is safe to travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye, these countries are near the zone of conflict and therefore caution should be exercised when visiting them.  

Amid the Israel-Hamas War is it Safe to Travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye?

Is it safe to Travel to Egypt?

Is It Safe to travel to Egypt

Even though Egypt shares a border with Israel and Gaza, the conflict has not penetrated the country yet. In the future the Egyptian government might open the Rafah border crossing to allow Palestinians in Gaza to escape the war, however, currently, it is closed. When it comes to international travel, Egypt’s boards remain open, and its airline and travel agents continue to operate. Airplanes flying to Egypt do not have to pass through Israel and therefore haven’t been affected by the conflict. 

Moreover, most of the country’s tourist attractions and cities lie miles away from the Israel and Gaza borders, with the nearest one being the beach resort Sharm el-Sheikh which too is two and a half hours away from the closet border town and more than five hours away from the Gaza border. As of yet both the FCDO and the US Department of State haven’t issued a travel advisory regarding Egypt. However, the FDCO does urge tourists to exercise caution and remain vigilant when traveling to religious, and tourist sites as well as public gatherings. 

Is it Safe to Travel to Jordan?

Is it Safe to Travel to Jordan

Jordan shares a border with the West Bank, Israel, and Syria. Last week the FCDO issued a warning stating: 

“The FCDO advises against all but essential travel to within 3km of Jordan’s border with Syria.”

FDCO also warned that the Jordan and Israel border may be closed at short notice due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. However, Jordan is safe to visit as most of its travel destinations remain unaffected by the conflict, and flights to Aqaba and Amman airports are operating as normal. 

The Jordan Tourism Board released a statement stating that Jordan is a “safe and welcoming destination for tourists around the world.”

“Our commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all visitors remains unwavering,” 

“We want to reassure everyone that Jordan’s borders are open to tourists, and we are eager to share our extraordinary experiences with the world.”

Is it safe to Travel to Türkiye?

Is it safe to travel to Türkiye

Türkiye does not share a border with Israel. In fact, it is located 879 kilometers away, and therefore travel to the country remains unaffected by the Israel-Hamas conflict. The airlines are operating as normal, and the tourist’ spots remain open to welcome visitors. The FCDO however, did warn against travel to anywhere within 10 kilometers of the border of Syria.  

Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye? Concluding Statement 

As Israel wages a war under the guise of extricating Hamas, hundreds of innocent lives are lost on a daily basis. Not a day goes by when news channels don’t report the passing of a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip. May fear that as the conflict rages on, the time is near when war will knock at their doors as well. In all honestly, they are right to fear. War never ends well, and all we can do is hope that soon the world will become a better place. 

Regarding whether it is safe to travel to Egypt, Jordan, and Türkiye, even though the countries are out of harm’s way as of yet, no one can predict the future. So, if you are planning a trip to any of the three countries make sure to stay up to date on the news and keep visiting the FCDO and US Department of State website to know about the travel advisories regarding these countries. 

Israel-Palestine Conflict 2023: US Urges Citizens to Reconsider Travel to the Zone of Conflict

Check our article to know about the travel advisory the US Department of State has issued regarding travel to Israel and the West Bank in light of the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

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