Renaissance Opened its Fifth New York City Hotel

This just in, Renaissance has opened its fifth New York City hotel, in Manhattan’s neighborhood, Harlem under the name Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel
Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel
Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel Lobby

Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel

Renaissance opened its fifth New York City hotel on November 16, 2023. Renaissance Hotels that are a part of Marriot Bonvoy’s global portfolio that harbors over 30 extraordinary hotel brands, debuted its fifth property in New York City under the name Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel. The most anticipated hotel that features the original landmark marquee is located in the heart of one of the globe’s most iconic neighborhoods, on the site of the historic Victoria Theater on 125th Street, lying only a few steps away from the Apollo Theater. 

The Victoria Theatre
The Victoria Theatre

The Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel is the brand’s first hotel to open its doors in Harlem and is also the tallest building residing north of Central Park. The gorgeously expansive property boasts 211 guest rooms and suites, 9000 plus square feet of event space, and a dynamic culinary offering. Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel is the kind of hotel that effortlessly combines the rich culture and vibrant spirit of Harlem with the polished glamor of the Harlem Renaissance era offering a cocktail to its guests that will equally suit their modern and old-world taste buds. The Global Brand Leader of Renaissance Hotels, Jennifer Connell said:

“Harlem is a historical epicenter of art, cuisine, music, and culture, and is of the utmost importance that we stay true to the authenticity of the locale – from the details in the design to our daily programming and entertainment. In bringing the Renaissance Hotel brand to this famed neighborhood, we are inviting travelers near and far to enjoy all that this community has to offer,”

Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel’s Blend of Theatrical Designs with Contemporary Accommodations 

Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel resides in the Victoria Building that previously housed the renowned and immensely popular Victoria Theater that was initially established as a vaudeville house in 1917. However, in the later years, the Victoria Theater was transformed into a cinema in 1987. Now the Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel lies in the place of the theater, beautifully preserving its essence. The hotel conserved the Victoria Theater’s outer facade, outdoor ticket booth, marquee, and well as its staircase that graces the building’s entrance. The design of the hotel was conceptualized by AJC design and the building was made in line with the Renaissance Hotels’ design approach across its global portfolio.

To make it one with Harlem, the building was made in such a way that the very fabric of Harlem’s past, present, and future was ingrained into its architecture and design element, with the ambiance of the Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel paying homage to Harlem’s cultural iconography and honoring the legends of music like Billie Holiday, Louise Armstrong, Cab Calloway, and Josephine Baker. The property is like a true celebration of the iconic neighborhood, one that not only features the custom, artistic renditions of its icons but also harbors a contemporary art piece of Harlem that graces the hotel’s library ceiling. 

Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel’s Cocktail and Culinary Program

The Victoria

The cocktail and culinary program at the Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel is infused with local and soulful flavor. Aiming to become the neighborhood’s hotspot, the hotel’s restaurant named The Victoria is operated by Silk Hospitality Group and is adorned with a stunning marble bar, dramatic lounge seating as well and a fifth-floor mezzanine that overlooks the lively heart of the hotel. The menu in the Victoria that was drawn by Executive Chef, Bobby Bouyer draws inspiration from the cultural landscape of Harlem and offers a creative twist on modern global cuisine with a subtle nod to the cuisine of the Gulf Region of the American South.  

Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel Meetings and Events Venue

The gorgeous hotel is home to 9000 plus square feet of event and meeting space that is fully customizable and can accommodate up to 300 people. The space is a perfect venue for weddings, team-building retreats, board meetings, performing arts, and more. 

Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel Amenities and Activities 

The beautiful Renaissance New York Harlem Hotel does not skimp on amenities and activities either. The hotel will introduce its Evenings at Renaissance with unparalleled entertainment that will include nightly jazz performances at the signature grand patio of its bar as well as local arts performances that will celebrate and pay homage to the culture of Harlem. These after-hours events will be open to attendance by travelers and locals alike.

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