Ultimate Guide to Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Welcome aboard voyagers on our ultimate guide to Regent Seven Seas cruises. Regent Seven Seas Cruises is the epitome of ultra-luxury and grandeur. It is a part of the Oceania and Norwegian family. Synonymous with luxury and comfort, Regent Seven Seas cruises provide an unparalleled experience that goes beyond and above the typical parameters of cursing in luxury. Regent caters to those individuals who covet exclusivity but at the same time harbor desires for a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Without further ado let’s dive into the ultimate Guide to Regent Seven Seas cruises and check what the cruise line has in stock for us. 

A Few Words About Regent – Guide to Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

At Regent, the rules are relaxed while the fun is jam-packed. One aspect of this cruise line that many love is its flexible dress code. Unlike many other luxury cruise lines that have a strict formal dress code, on Regent Seven Seas cruises you have the option to either don your most formal attire or flaunt your “Adam Sandler” comfortable wear.

Formal nights aboard Regent are optional, providing flexibility and relaxation to the voyagers. However, that is not the aspect that sets Regent apart from other cruise lines. The true gamer changer is its genuine all-inclusive pricing. Even though, you will find tons of cruise lines advertising on the internet their all-inclusive pricing they often tend to exclude certain, services, experiences, or amenities. 

However, with Regent that is not the case. At Regent Seven Seas you will find a truly all-inclusive experience from fine wines, and gourmet restaurants to unlimited excursions WIFI, and even valet laundry services, all of which are included in your fare. Moreover, with Regent, you do not have to worry about unexpected charges or hidden fees. So, book a cruise with Regent Seven Seas if you desire an all-inclusive exclusive experience that is void of hidden financial burdens. 

Who Should Cruise with Regent Seven Seas? – Guide to Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Choose Regent Seven Seas cruises, if you desire:

  • A warm and casual environment where formal nights are optional.
  • All suit ships.
  • Suits with balconies.
  • All-inclusive pricing.
  • Expectational cuisine and rich interiors.
  • Intimate smaller ships with fewer passengers.
  • A family-friendly cruise with kids.

Don’t choose Regent Seven Seas cruises if you covet:

  • A smoke-free environment as smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas and in Connoisseur bars.
  • A high-energy and flashy evening scene. 
  • Formal nights with a huge gathering. 

Regent Seven Seas Fleet – Guide to Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas cruises is the proud owner of six spacious ships that each deliver style and class of the highest standards. Each ship owned by the cruise line is an epitome of grandeur and luxury, curated to offer the best comforts to the passengers. No matter what ship you choose or what corner of the world you are traveling to the cruise ships of Regent never feel stuffy or suffocating. Architects and interior designers at Regent Seven Seas combined their talents and worked together to create exceptional ships with deck layouts that maximize space without compromising elegance, and quality. 

Among Regent’s feet, the all-suite, all-balcony ship that perfects luxury seamlessly, Seven Seas Splendor, joined the cruise line’s fleet in the early months of 2020. The Seven Seas Splendor is sister to the most luxurious ship the world has ever seen, Seven Seas Explorer and both ships harbor the capacity to host 750 guests.

Seven Seas Voyager and Seven Seas Mariner are both all-balcony, all-suite ships that can host about 700 guests at a time. The Seven Seas Navigator is a smaller ship and is an all-suite, 90 percent balcony cruise that can host about 490 guests. The sixth and most recent addition to the cruise line, Seven Seas Grandeur was added to the fleet of Regent in 2023. The Seven Seas Grandeur is an all-suite, all-balcony ship that can hold 750 passengers at a time.

Ship Gross Tonnage Guest Capacity Year Built
Seven Seas Grandeur 55,2547502023
Seven Seas Splendor 55,4987502020
Seven Seas Explorer55,2547502016
Seven Seas Voyager 42,3637002016
Seven Seas Mariner 48,0757002014
Seven Seas Navigator 28,8034902016

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Destinations and Itineraries – Guide to Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Destinations

The vessels of Regent Seven Seas cruises call on 300+ poets and sail to the most exotic destinations around the world. Due to the size, style, and class of the Regent vessels, they can visit most intimate ports that are not accessible to larger vessels. Regent offers longer itineraries that last from 1 week to 3 months. Given below are the destinations covered by Regent Seven Seas cruises:

  • The Caribbean, Bermuda, Europe, Alaska, New England USA, and Canada.
  • Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Panama Canal transits, Asia Pacific. 
  • Africa, India, South America as well as both polar regions i.e. Antarctic and Arctic.
  • Regent Sailing Calendar by Destination
 Feb 2025
All Sailings By Month$12,249$6,114$4,808$4,599$6,499$4,421$6,499 $6,191$5,699$4,840$5,799$3,570$2,775$3,499
Africa$12,249$7,349          $15,299$10,599$5,589
Alaska – Cruises     $5,899$6,499 $6,699$6,299$4,840    
Arctic      $13,649 $8,549$14,399     
Asia / Orient $21,699$15,899$9,919$13,099      $13,999$15,299$14,999$15,499
Australia / New Zealand $9,415         $12,499$10,999
Canada / New England      $15,699   $11,499$10,699   
Caribbean $6,899$4,808$4,599 $6,975     $11,299$3,999$2,775$3,499
Central America               
Europe    $8,699$9,649$7,949 $6,592$6,399$7,213$11,799   
Europe – British Isles      $12,299 $6,191 $11,899    
Europe – Red Sea    $14,299          
Mediterranean    $6,499$4,421$11,199 $9,799$5,699$7,199$5,799$4,499  
Mexico             $6,499 
Panama Canal            $9,999$9,299
South America $8,799$10,304$8,519          $12,299
Tahiti / South Pacific $6,114$7,099            
Trans Atlantic Cruises   $7,769$9,899 $64,499  $11,099  $3,570  
Trans Pacific Cruises          $14,299    
World Cruises $48,249    $63,069    $45,999  $90,399

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Itinerary (2024 to 2025)

Seven Seas Mariner and Voyager

Miami to San Francisco Seven Seas Mariner7th January 202417 Nights$14,799
Cape Town to Rio De Janeiro Seven Seas Voyager12th January 202414 Nights$4,050
San Francisco to Papeete (Tahiti) Seven Seas Mariner24th January 202418 Nights$9,999
Rip De Janeiro to Buenos AiresSeven Seas Voyager26th January 20247 NightsWaitlisted
Buenos Aries to Santiago (San Antonio)Seven Seas Voyager2nd February 202417 Nights$7,360
Papeete (Tahiti) to Sydney Seven Seas Mariner 11th February 202419 Nights$10,350
Sydney to Abu Dhabi Seven Seas Mariner 1st March 202438 Nights$31,299
Sydney to Singapore Seven Seas Mariner1st March 202418 Nights$17,399 
Singapore to Abu Dhabi Seven Seas Mariner19th March 202420 Nights$16,399
Abu Dhabi to Rome (Civitavecchia)Seven Seas Mariner9th April 202421 Nights$11,325
Rome (Civitavecchia) to Miami Seven Seas Mariner29th April 202418 Nights$9,750
Rome (Civitavecchia) to LisbonSeven Seas Mariner17th October 202410 Nights$5,180
Lisbon to BarcelonaSeven Seas Mariner 27th October 20247 Nights$4,130
Rio De Janeiro to Santiago (San Antonio)Seven Seas Mariner25th January 202522 Nights$14,480
Santiago (San Antonio) to Papeete (Tahiti)Seven Seas Mariner 16th February 202518 Nights$12,799
Papeete (Tahiti) to SydneySeven Seas Mariner6th March 202521 Nights$17,399
Sydney to Bali (Benoa)Seven Seas Mariner 27th March 202514 Nights$11,520
Bali (Benoa) to Hong KongSeven Seas Mariner10th April 202518 Nights$13,949
Hong Kong to TokyoSeven Seas Mariner28th April 202516 Nights$13,049
Tokyo to San Francisco Seven Seas Mariner14th May 202523 Nights$16,649
San Francisco to MiamiSeven Seas Mariner6th June 202518 Nights$13,299

Itineraries for Other Ships (December 2023 to January 2024)

Sydney to Auckland Seven Seas Explorer22nd December 202314 NightsWaitlisted
Singapore to Sydney  Seven Seas Navigator22nd December 202319 NightsWaitlisted
Auckland to SingaporeSeven Seas Explorer5th January 202433 NightsWaitlisted
Auckland to SydneySeven Seas Explorer5th January 202414 Nights$14,999
Los Angeles to San Francisco  Seven Seas Grandeur8th January 202416 NightsWaitlisted
Sydney to Papeete (Tahiti)Seven Seas Navigator10th January 202418 Nights$31,099
Buenos Aires to Rio De Janeiro Seven Seas Splendor10th January 202412 NightsWaitlisted 
Buenos Aries to Miami Seven Seas Splendor10th January 202430 NightsWaitlisted
Sydney to Tokyo Seven Seas Explorer19th January 202459 NightsWaitlisted
Sydney to Singapore Seven Seas Explorer19th January 202419 Nights$16,799
Rio De Janeiro to MiamiSeven Seas Splendor22nd January 202418 NightsWaitlisted
Miami to MiamiSeven Seas Grandeur  26th January 202410 Nightswaitlisted
Papeete (Tahiti) to Papeete (Tahiti)Seven Seas Navigator28th January 202410 Nights$7,099

Aboard the Regent Seven Seas Cruises – Guide to Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Staterooms on Regent Seven Seas Cruises Vessels

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Rooms

The suite life onboard the Regent Seven Seas is that of luxury and comfort. All of the cabins on the vessels of the cruise line are classified as suites or above. The accommodations have a lot of space onboard and come with walk-in closets, marble bathrooms, costume-designed slumber beds, and a luxury bath. 

Regent Suite 

Suite – 3151 ft2 / 293 m2

Veranda/Balcony – 1292 ft2 / 120 m2

The regent suite aboard Regent vessels is what dreams are made of. These suites rise above everything else at sea and are the most luxurious accommodations you will ever find on a cruise. Residing on an area of 4,000 square feet, the regent suites include 2 luxuriously spacious rooms, along with 2 ½ stone and marble detailed bathrooms, plus a full-service in-room spa retreat that includes a steam room, treatment area as well as a personal sauna.

Moreover, the regent suit also features a wraparound balcony that is surrounded by vistas and also includes a mini-pool spa. The residents of the regent suites are also treated with best-in-class exclusive amenities that include a private dining experience and a private car with a driver in every port. 

Master Suite 

Suite – 1064-1114 ft / 99-103 m

Veranda/Balcony – 831-994 ft / 77-92 m

Second only to the regent suit, the master suit is a two-bedroom oasis that is a sight to behold. Styled like an elegant Park Avenue palace, the master suite is decked in rich wood and is highlighted by a touch of aubergine. The master suites can be found residing on the decks 8 and 9 of Regent Seven Seas Splendor which allows for unobstructed views of the horizon and the sea. Boasting luxury and comfort, the master suite comes with an expansive living area, two spacious balconies, an exquisite bar for entertaining, as well as two full ornate marble and stone, luxe bathrooms. 

Grand Suite 

Suite – 854-1013 ft / 79-94 m

Veranda/Balcony – 277-916 ft / 26-85 m

The grand suites are a radiant beauty decked in striking emerald design accents that are blended with hues of brown, cream, and rich grey. These extravagant accommodations come with a spacious bedroom, a private balcony, a living room that is embellished with exotic woods and rich mosaics, two marble and stone bathrooms, as well as a full liquor bar that is great for entertaining.

Splendor Suite  

Suite – 655 ft / 61 m

Veranda/Balcony – 166-263 ft / 15-24 m

The splendor suite is a lavish accommodation that is decked with charmingly calming hues of grey, cream, and brown. Harboring plush furniture, the suite resonates with a very homey feel. The splendid suite consists of one spacious bedroom and features a living and dining area, a walk-in closet, a private balcony, and 1 ½ marble and stone bathrooms. 

Seven Seas Suite 

Suite – 577 ft2 / 54 m2

Veranda/Balcony – 237 ft2 / 22 m2

The Seven Seas suit is a regal accommodation with a very cosmopolitan feel. Decked in a soothing color palate the suite features plush furnishings that give a very homey feel. The elegant suite flows seamlessly from the living room to the dining area to the bedroom, that harbors sliding glass doors opening into a spacious private balcony. Adjacent to the oversized bed and spacious walk-in closet is the marble bathroom that is as spacious and luxe as the rest of the suite. 

Penthouse Suite 

Suite – 448 ft / 42 m

Veranda/Balcony – 111-194 ft / 10-18 m

Just like the other suites of Regent Seven Seas cruises, penthouse suites are also synonymous with luxury and comfort. The suites feature an entertainment center separating the bedrooms and the living room. Also harbored by the suites are spacious walk-in closets and expansive marble bathrooms. Both the living room and bedroom of the suite harbor sliding glass windows that open into an oversized balcony.

Concierge Suite 

Suite – 332 ft / 31 m

Veranda/Balcony – 83-132 ft / 8-12 m

Concierge suites are decked in hues of a soothing color palate that foster feelings of comfort, serenity, and tranquility. The suites consist of a custom crafted Elite Slumber Beds that stretch the entire width of the room and face the private balcony offering stunning views of the ocean. Also featured in the concierge suites are vanities next to the beds as well as expansive sitting areas. 

Superior Suite 

Suite – 332 ft / 31 m

Veranda/Balcony – 83-132 ft / 8-12 m

Superior suites harbor a European king-sized bed that faces outwards towards the veranda, offering stunning views. The suites also harbor a balcony that stretches its entire width and comes equipped with outdoor furnishings. Featured in the rooms is also a spacious living area, and a bed that sits adjacent to a decorative vanity. 

Deluxe Veranda Suite 

Suite – 253 ft / 24 m

Veranda/Balcony – 55-108 ft / 5-10 m

The deluxe veranda suite comes with a private balcony and resonates with a warm island manor feel. The curtains in the suites separate the sitting area from the bedroom. The sitting area is a spacious area that features a coffee table, large desk space, and a plush sofa. 

Veranda Suite 

Suite – 219 ft2 / 20 m2

Veranda/Balcony – 88 ft2 / 8 m2

Similar to deluxe veranda suites the veranda suites also come with a private balcony and offer its residents a regal and homey feel. In these suites, the sitting area and bedroom are separated from one another by curtains. The sitting area comes with similar amenities as that of the deluxe veranda suites and harbors a plush sofa, coffee table, and large desk space. 

Dining Experience Onboard the Regent Seven Seas Ships – Guide to Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Dining

The dining experience aboard the Regent Seven Seas cruises is a tantalizing adventure. In addition to poolside grills, room service offerings, and breakfast and lunch buffets, each ship comes equipped with fine dining restaurants that offer menus prepared by the most talented in the world of culinary. Each ship in the cruise line calls itself home to five restaurants and specialty dining. The best part about specialty dining aboard the Regent Seven Seas vessels is that it is completely free. Voyagers onboard can indulge in delights from Prime 7, a premium steak house, and Signatures which is a French haute cuisine restaurant.

The vessels of the cruise line also come equipped with standard restaurants that include, Compass Rose, a top-notch restaurant offering three meals a day, and the LA Veranda, a cutting-edge restaurant serving buffet-style food. When evening rolls around, and the sky gets laden with orange, pink, and purple hues, the La Veranda transforms itself into the Sette Mari At LA Veranda and starts offering its guests an intimate dining experience which is served authentic Italian and antipasti dishes.  

Entertainment and On-Board experience 

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Entertainment

The entertainment options on board the Regent Seven Seas are more diverse as compared to other cruise lines. On-board the vessels of Regent Seven Seas cruises you will find heated pools, Jacuzzis, as well as the Canyon Ranch Spa Club. A fitness center, regular exercise classes, a jogging track, and a croquet pitch are also available on-board. The cruise line is a perfect choice for those wishing to rejuvenate and refresh. 

Shows and theater performances at the Constellation Theater are also in abundance. Moreover, voyagers can also indulge in musical performances, cabaret shows, and a nine-piece orchestra. Recently screened films are also shown aboard, and the Galileo’s Lounge also invites guests for some dancing and unwinding. Casinos are also present on the ship that feature slots, blackjack, and roulette. Passengers can also indulge in some retail therapy by visiting the boutiques on-board. 


All of the rooms on the ships come equipped with a flat-screen TV with over two hundred movies on demand, a private safe, a hair dryer, slippers, and a bathrobe. Newspapers in various languages are also available on-board. Moreover, passengers are also entitled to a self-service laundry facility as well as Hermes toiletries. When passengers arrive on the cruise, they are warmly welcomed by the crew members with a bottle of jacquard champagne.

Gratuities, Dress Code, and Staff

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Gratuities

As compared to other luxury cruise lines, Regent Seven Seas has the most relaxed dress code. Due to its casual dress code, you will be sure to have a comfortable and fun time onboard. There are formal nights on board, however it’s up to you if you want to take part in them or not. The casual dress code also means that you don’t have to pack lots of stuff. When it comes to tipping the staff, that amount is included in your fare, and you do not have to tip them separately.

The concierge and reception are open for 24 hours and any additional charges that you will have to pay on-board will be from the salon, spa, and casino. However, the excursions are unlimited and complimentary as the cruise line believes that excursions are part of the cruise and passengers do not have to pay extra to indulge in them. 

Perks for Junior Cruisers 

Regent Seven Seas cruises are adult-oriented and do not offer dedicated facilities for children. However, there is a Club Mariner youth program for children aged 5 to 8, 9 to 12, and 13 to 17. The program is offered on select sailings during school holiday periods and summer vacations. The program consists of educational activities that are supervised by counselors and focus on the heritage and nature of the vessel’s destination. The activities consist of craft projects, movies, food fun, and games. The activities are organized so that every child has a memorable experience and goes back with fond memories of the cruise.

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