Queen Anne, Cunard Line’s Newest Ship Set to Launch in 2024 is Finally Taking Shape

Ahoy voyagers, this just in, Cunard Line’s newest Queen Anne cruise ship set to launch in 2024 is finally taking shape. Queen Anne is the first new ship launched by the cruise line ever since the debut of Queen Elizabeth in 2010.
Queen Anne

All the Royal Feels

Cunard Line's newest ship

On Thursday, 5th October 2023, executives, brimming with pride, led, a handful of European travel advisors and media, on the first and only tour of the royal vessel before it welcomed paying passengers. The luxury vessel, Queen Anne which was initially set to hit the waves in 2022, was stopped in its tracks due to the pandemic and supply-chain-related issues, pushing its debut to 2024. However, sources say that the Queen Anne cruise ship set to launch in 2024 is finally taking shape and is bigger and bolder than the rest of the ships. 

Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth are Cunard Line’s largest ships yet however, Queen Anne will break their records with its towering beauty. The size of the cruise ship lies in its height, harboring 14 passenger decks.  Those who had the privilege of embarking on the ship before anyone else, state that the ship’s hull is complete, however, the inside is still a jumble of steel and wires. The invited honorable guests had to watch their step throughout the visit so as not to stumble and lose their way amid the labyrinth of Queen Anne. 

Even though right now a glimpse at the ship doesn’t indicate much of its luxury and royalty and seems more like a construction site, it comes as a bit of relief that the honourable guests that visited it seemed optimistic about its debut and happily state that Queen Anne cruise ship will launch on the set date of May, 2024.

More Restaurants, More Open Spaces

Queen Anne finally takes shape

In Queen Anne, the latest trends and cruise ship innovations take form. The ship is expected to be the epitome of luxury and top-notch innovation harbouring more open spaces including numerous outdoor dining and drinking options. The record-breaking ship will be decked with fresh artwork, décor, as well as other design flourishes that will draw on the cruise line’s long history as a transatlantic liner. The Commodore’s Club of the ship is said to be the largest one in the fleet, housing a circular bar and will segue into Queen Anne’s library. 

The ship is being constructed in a way that it will make guests gasp and squeal in delight. The esteemed pioneer visitors said that the ship harbors a retractable doom over the pool deck, with a glass that is as clear as it can get. This dome will allow the guests to enjoy the area even in inclement weather. The ship will also harbor two open spaces that the guests will be able to book for private functions.

One such space will open out from the ship’s chapel and would be an ideal venue for a wedding. The other one is being designed with wellness in mind and will be decked with wood paneling, sail-like canopies, and draping greeneries, and will be used for either evening dancing or morning yoga. 

Queen Anne cruise ship will be a foodies paradise harboring a total of 15 restaurants and eateries, which will also include four new alternative dining restaurants on the upper decks: Indian, Japanese, Mediterranean, and a steak house called Sir Samuel’s. 

Princess and Queens Grills

Cunard is applauded worldwide by cruisers for its exclusive Princess and Queens Grills. On the new cruise ship, the Grill passengers will be provided with their own private top-deck space harbouring infinity pools and overlooking the ship’s sides. The deck below will house the Grill restaurants and dedicated concierge. Reportedly, in the center of Princess and Queens Grill restaurants will lie a decorative tree, under the domed glass ceiling, which will add to the aesthetics of the area. However, as of yet, that place is empty as even though the Queen Anne is finally taking shape, there is much left that needs to be done before it embarks on its adventures. 

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