Using Price Alerts to Find the Best Flight Deals in 2023

From Google Flights to Kayak, you can use price alerts to find the best flight deals.
Price Alerts

Using Price Alerts to Find the Best Flight Deals 

One main question that plagues the mind of frequent, avid travelers is, “Should I book the flight ticket now, or wait to see if the price will go down?” The prices of airline tickets are dynamic and are influenced by many factors like the number of seats available on a given flight, demand for location, time of year, if there is a special event happening like the Olympics or a World Cup tournament, the number of flights on any given route, the price of oil, and more. All of these factors make it extremely difficult for the average traveler to predict if certain airfares will go down or up. 

Even though you can surf the internet until you land on a price that you are willing to pay, it will be much easier to use price alerts to find the best flight deals, and let it do all the heavy lifting. Given below is everything you need to know about price alerts and how to use price alerts to find the best flight deals and nab them as soon as you see them. 

Price Alerts, What Are They?

Price alerts are optional price tracking alerts that travelers can set up using flight search tools like Hopper, Google Flights, Kayak, and Skyscanner. These price alert tools track selected flight routes, and dates of travel and then notify the travelers through email in case the piece changes. If you are flexible bout your travels, say you want to fly cheap during the spring break and have little to no concern about where you want to go, there are certain websites that will keep an eye on various destinations for you and then notify you whenever they spot a good deal.

Setting Up Price Alerts on Google Flights 

oogle flights - Using Price Alerts to Find the Best Flight Deals

One of the most popular flight search tools available in the cyber world is Google Flights. Google Flights allows travelers to see numerous flights and airfare options from different airlines. The tracking tool also allows travellers to filter out search. You can filter out your searches based on the number of stops you are willing to make, the airlines you prefer to fly with, and certain other aspects. Travelers can also search via Google Flights, multiple departing and arriving airports in the region, and can also compare the carbon emissions of flights. In short, Google Flights is an amazingly innovative tool that helps you look for and book the best flights that suit your needs. 

In order to track flights on Google flights all you have to do is enter your departure and arrival cities as well as the dates on which you would like to fly. Also, make sure to use any of the preferred filters mentioned above. once you have filled out all this information hit search and you will notice the “track prices” option lying on the left side just below the information you input. This toolbar will harbor the option to track prices for the dates you choose. Once you click on this option you will be signed up to receive email price alerts for the flights you specified.

Setting Price Alerts on Hopper


Hopper is an innovative flight price search and booking tool that not only notifies users when the price drops but also predicts the rise in fares. In order to set price alerts, you can either go to Hopper’s website or download their app. On both of these platforms, you will have to select “Flights” and fill out all the information like where and when would you like to go.

Once you are done filling in and clicking enter you will be redirected to a page that will show the current prices along with Hopper’s prediction about whether it is right to buy the tickets or if it’s better to wait and get them for a cheaper price. If it’s the latter, then there will be a “Watch this trip” option in the middle of the page. This option will allow you to get email updates and push notifications for the flights or flights that you are tracking. 

Setting Price Alerts on Kayak 


Kayak is a great tool that helps aggregate a list of the cheapest flights, accommodations, and rental cars on a specific date or a range of dates. For flights specifically, Kayak can help travelers track prices to get the best deals. The price step you need to take when setting up price alerts with Kayak is creating an account.

Once you’ve done that you have to search for your destination and then add the dates. Afterward, click on the “track prices” option that you will find in the upper left corner, and above it, you will find Kayak’s advice on whether you should wait or buy the tickets right now. Kayak will also send you daily notifications about the changes in ticket prices.

Setting Price Alerts in Skyscanner


Skyscanner is a website that operates in a similar fashion as Google Flights and pulls prices for flights, hotels as well and car rentals from across the internet. once you have added your preferred dates and route, you will be redirected to the results page. On the results page, you will find a button “get price alerts” lying on the top left side of the screen. To get price alters emails, you will have to create an account with Skyscanner. In case your flight is within 100 days, you will receive daily updates from Skyscanner. However, if it is further out, you will receive updates from Skyscanner once a week.

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