Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics: What Travelers should know Before the Eagerly Anticipated Event

Are you ready for the ultimate sporting event of the year? The new year is bringing with it the exciting, the thrilling, the magnificent, Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. So, fans this is your call to attention to start preparing for the biggest global event as things this summer are about to get fired up. 
Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics

One of the most eagerly anticipated global events of 2024 is the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. Athletes and fans alike are gearing up for the ultimate multi-sport event and preparing for the biggest sporting extravaganza. The Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics games will be held during July to September, and as many as 15.9 million people are expected to visit the City of Love to witness the ultimate battle of the athletes. The vast majority, about 13.4 million, of the visitors are expected to be from France, whereas about 2.5 million international travelers will make their way to the city when the event commences. 

The city will benefit greatly from the event as it’s estimated that travelers will spend about 2.6 billion euros, roughly $2.75 billion, with about 1.8 billion euros being spent at the Olympic Games. During the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics, international visitors are expected to contribute about 38.5% of this spending at the Olympics Games and about 31.2% of the spending at the Paralympics Games. 

“Paris, in 2024, will deliver a new era of Games. It will demonstrate the power of sport and solidarity, and the contribution the Olympic and Paralympic Games can make to youth and society at large. Paris 2024’s ambitious and innovative approach to inclusion, optimization, and sustainability has answered the calls for reform from the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020 and is already delivering increased excitement. The recent success of programs such as ticketing, volunteering, and the 30 minutes of physical activity are some examples.” IOC Coordination Commission, Pierre-Olivier Beckers-Vieujant. 

Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics – Decking Paris for the Biggest Event of the Season

Paris getting ready for Olympics

Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics is going the be the largest event the city has ever hosted and is preparing diligently for it. These preparations are expected to change the city forever, from purifying the Seine to host swimming events to increasing bike lanes in order to promote greener transportation to and from the Games. The Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics is expected to bring about a positive change in the city, making it a sustainable tourism destination.  

“Legacy is a very important aspect of the organization of the Olympics and was a prerequisite in Paris’s candidacy. The Games must have a positive impact on the territory, for its inhabitants and visitors alike,” said Menegaux. “The ambition of Paris in terms of transport is that 100% of visitors can go to the competition sites by public transport or active transport (bike for example). There already is a biking network of 1000 km in Paris.”

“The goal of Paris 2024 is that 20% of the commute be made by bike. Paris wishes to welcome people with disabilities in the best possible conditions. The 185 kilometers of Olympic lanes will be open to vehicles designed to facilitate the transport of people with reduced mobility.” Menegaux added. 

Compared to other Olympics host countries, Paris is taking a very different, very unique route. Instead of constructing a new complex to host the Olympics and Paralympics events, the city is going to transform its iconic attractions, landmarks, and destinations into Olympic arenas and stadiums. Talking about the hosting sites, Menegaux mentioned:

“…the Grand Palais will host fencing and taekwondo, the Place de la Concorde will host the new Olympic sports: breakdance, skateboard, BMX, basketball 3×3…. At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, beach volleyball competitions will take place, and on the Champs-de-Mars: judo and wheelchair rugby! And of course, the Seine will have a very special place in the celebrations, as it will be the highlight of the opening ceremony and will inaugurate swimming in the river!”

Just outside of Paris, several other Olympic Games, like the equestrian games, will be hosted in and near various attractions. Across France from Bordeaux to Marseille, a selection of other games will be held, whereas Teahupo’o in Tahiti will welcome the second Olympic surfing competition.

“It is worth discovering to see Paris differently, outside of the more classic touristic routes. We are also excited to open our new ‘SPOT24’ venue, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It puts the new Olympic disciplines and urban cultures center stage when it opens in autumn 2023,” 

“A unique, multidisciplinary, and immersive exhibition will honor 3×3 basketball, BMX freestyle, breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing. The aim of the exhibition is to promote Olympism and the bridges between sport, culture, and art. SPOT24 will be a place where everyone can live, share, and meet urban, sporting, and cultural communities, Parisians, foreign visitors…” Menegaux

Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics – Tickets and Bookings

Tickets and Bookings Paris 2024

Those wishing to be a part of the historic event can do so by purchasing tickets for specific competitions. The tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic games are available at the official site of the Paris 2024 Games and are sold on a first come first serve basis. The official website is also offering travel and hospitality packages that come with exclusive benefits for the attendees including ticket as well as accommodation packages.

Those visiting the City of Light from 8th May 2024 through to the beginning of the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics can witness the two-month-long Olympic Torch Relay. After the torch is lit in Olympia, Greece, it will make its way to Athens and then travel France’s most iconic cultural and natural landmarks to reach its final destination. 

Getting There and Around

Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics – Flight Planning

Air travel olympics

Air travel has always been expensive, but this year it has reached new heights of inflation. During the high season, flights from the U.S. to France are mostly sold at a premium and considering the hype and anticipation of the 2024 Olympics, the price of air travel will reach an all-time high. During the Olympics, a roundtrip nonstop from JFK to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport via Air France is currently priced at $1,515. To cut back on prices, consider opting for a discount carrier such as French Bee to fly to Orly airport in Paris. 

You can also consider flying into an alternate airport within France or within a bordering country, and from there take a train to Paris. Currently, Iceland Air is offering good deals between the U.S. and France, which will extend to the Olympic period, with the cost of a roundtrip ticket beginning at $675. However, if you do opt for these tickets, know that there will be a stopover in Iceland, which considering the price is not a bad deal. 

Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics – Arrival


The European Union is gearing up to implement ETIAS or European Travel Information and Authorization System, from the new year, 2023. ETIAS is a new entry requirement for 30 European countries including France. In light of the ETIAS, visitors will have to complete an information form and pay a sum of 7 euros, about a $7.50 fee if they intend to stay for more than 90 days. 

Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics – Getting Around France 

Eurail Pass

Even though public transit availability has been promised by Olympic organizers, the implementation is still a work in progress. For stadium events in far-flung cities, opting for car rental is a great idea. Another efficient and affordable transportation option for getting to the Games or traveling between cities hosting events is via Train. International visitors can opt for a Eurail Pass for unlimited train travel. Eurail Pass is a budget-friendly option for multiple inter-city trips and also offers 10% off on Senior Pass for passengers aged 60 and above. 

Top 10 Parisian Dishes to Try on Your Visit to the City of Light

What trip to Paris is complete without trying its iconic cuisine? So, as you prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic, make sure to set aside a budget to enjoy the delicacies the City of Love has to offer.

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