The Debut of a New Universal Theme Park in the United Kingdom 

Universal unveiled plans to explore a new theme park in the United Kingdom. A Universal theme park might debut on the land the franchise just acquired in Bedford, England. 
New Universal Theme Park

The Debut of a New Universal Theme Park in the United Kingdom 

Universal Studios new projects

Soon fans of Super Nintendo and Harry Potter, residing in the United Kingdom, might get to bask in the fun of a new Universal theme park. A spokesperson with Universal Destinations & Experiences confirmed that:

“We recently acquired land in Bedford and are at the early stages of exploring its feasibility for a potential park and resort at this site.”

“It will be many months before we are ready to make a decision to proceed and we look forward to engaging with all relevant stakeholders and the local community.”

New Universal Theme Park at Bedford 

Universal in UK

Bedford lies only 60 miles north of London which makes it an ideal location for a new Universal theme park. Currently, the franchise operates theme park resorts around the globe including resorts in the United States of America in California and Florida. Internationally Universal properties can be found in Osaka, Singapore, as well as Beijing.

Recently Universal also announced the opening of a kids-focused theme park resort in the state of Texas as well as a first-of-its-kind year-round horror experience that will reside at the utterly immersive Area15 in Las Vegas. In an interview, Universal also shared that their plan to open a new Universal theme park as well as the other projects are still in the very early stage of planning and currently, they are determining the feasibility of these projects. 

Nowadays, Europe, especially the United Kingdom is under the radar of the franchise as an attractive destination for a new Universal theme park. Universal cites several reasons for choosing the United Kingdom as the new destination for its theme park. The reasons include a large population, creative industries, a vibrant tourism industry, as well as a great transportation system that offers close and easy access to several parts of Europe.

The location of the land acquired by Universal in Bedford lies about 45 minutes outside of London through public transport. The close proximity of the land to London allows for connections to many other locations on the continent. Moreover, the town of Bedford is also within two hours’ distance from about half of the population of the UK. 

In a statement, Universal also shared that as the project is still in its early stages, there is no determined creative content for the new Universal theme park, and anything shared in the cyber world is pure speculation and nothing more. It is too early to say if we will be blessed with another Wizarding World of Harry Potter. However, there is a chance we might not get another attraction like that as the acquired land in Bedford lies in close proximity to another Harry Potter attraction, the Warner Bros. Studios Tour London.

Nevertheless, it is an exciting time of great expansion for the Universal theme parks with the recent opening of new attractions like Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, Epic Universe in Orlando (a new Universal theme park set to open in 2025), and Minion Land at Universal Orlando Resort. 

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