Resort Town of Acapulco Suffered $15 Billion in Damages Due to Hurricane Otis

Resort Town of Acapulco Suffered $15 billion in damages due to Hurricane Otis which also claimed the lives of at least 27 people. 
Hurricane Otis

Resort Town of Acapulco Suffered $15 Billion in Damages Due to Hurricane Otis

Resort Town of Acapulco Suffered -15 Billion in Damages Due to Hurricane Otis

On October 25th, Otis went from a tropical storm to a major hurricane in a matter of minutes. Hurricane Otis barreled into Mexico’s Pacific Coast as a category 5 storm. This ferocious storm broke all regional records for the strength and speed of its intensification. The state of Guerrero reported storm surges, mudslides, and flooding, as well as damage to infrastructure and an airport. The Mexican government revealed that the lives of at least 27 people were claimed after Hurricane Otis made landfall, on Wednesday at the popular resort town of Acapulco. As a result, the resort town of Acapulco suffered $15 billion in damages due to Hurricane Otis

Reuters pointed out that the ferocious hurricane ripped the roofs off homes and hotels, smashing glass windows out of residential buildings and resorts and flooding the streets. Hurricane Otis left wreckage across Acapulco in its wake, one that claimed many lives and livelihoods. The wind speeds that reached 165 miles per hour caused extensive damage to some of the most famous hotels in the resort town, which depends heavily on the travel industry to drive the local economy. Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador addressed the dire situation and said:

“What Acapulco suffered was really disastrous,” 

On Thursday, 26th of October, Government officials revealed that the air traffic control tower located at Acapulco International Airport had been reopened after it endured extensive damage from the storm. An air bridge that enabled tourists to reach Mexico City reopened on Friday. Evelyn Salgado, Guerrero state Governor called Hurricane Otis “totally devastating” and revealed that about 8% of the city’s hotels were damaged due to the hurricane. A tourist, Jacob Sauczuk recalled the disaster, stating:

“We laid down on the floor and some between beds. We prayed a lot,

“It looked as if someone had put clothes, beds, and furniture in a blender, leaving a shredded mass.”

“I took shelter in the bathroom, and thankfully the door held,” another guest stated. “But there were some rooms where the wind blew out the windows and the doors.”

Even though the government has so far not estimated the cost of damages that Hurricane Otis left in its wake, Enki Research, which tracks tropical storms and models the cost of their damaged fund that the resort town of Acapulco suffered $15 billion in damages due to Hurricane Otis

The Shocking Power of Hurricane Otis

Resort Town of Acapulco

According to Mexican authorities, Hurricane Otis was the most powerful storm to ever strike Mexico’s Pacific coast a total of 8,400 members of the Mexican army, national guard, and air force were deployed in and near the resort town of Acapulco to assist in cleanup efforts. The distraction brought on by Hurricane Otis has added to concerns about the impact of climate change. Many scientists believe that in the coming years, due to climate change, mankind will be prone to the likes of Hurricane Otis even more.

Recently, Mexican officials unveiled a $3.4 billion plan to rebuild Acapulco, despite the estimated damaged amount being a whopping $15 billion. The plan will include tax breaks for the resort town, Acapulco, and a nearby town – both of which will be exempt from taxes through early next year,  humanitarian aid, and financing the rebuilding of infrastructure.

As part of the plan, the families who lost their houses due to Hurricane Otis will have social welfare payments advanced for two months, electricity charges waived until February 2024, and the government will also provide them with household necessities. Even though the estimated cost of damages is $15 billion, the government is only sparing $3.4 billion for now. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, president of Mexico said that the government will find more money for rebuilding if necessary. 

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