For the 2023 Holidays, Hopper Will Offer Gift Cards on Flights, Hotels, and More

For the 2023 holidays, Hopper will offer gift cards on flights, hotels, and more. Consumers wishing to purchase the gift cards will be able to buy them directly via the Hopper app or website. The cards will also be available on Amazon as well as in stores like Best Buy.  
Hopper Will Offer Gift Cards

For the 2023 Holidays, Hopper Will Offer Gift Cards on Flights, Hotels, and More

Travel Gifts

Helping us give the gift of travel this year, Hopper will offer gift cards that will be available for purchase on their website. The travel booking app added a merry twist to holiday travel by making gift cards for flights, rental cars, hotels, and rental home bookings. Moreover, a great benefit of the cards is that they do not have an expiration date, which means that travelers won’t have to worry about being on a ticking clock and can avail of them whenever they please. Lindsay Schwimer, a consumer travel expert at Hopper said:

“Travel and experiences are a top priority among younger Americans – and in recent years, gifting experiences have become increasingly popular for the holidays,” she added that customers “can gift an entire trip to family and friends. No need to stress about finding the perfect present for everyone on your list, give the gift of travel to your loved ones this year.”

This holiday season not only Hopper will offer gift cards but also tools like Price Freeze which travelers can use when shopping to lock in a good rate. By taking this initiative, Hopper might have become a favorite among travelers as this year one of the most popular gifts you can give is none other than travel. 

According to a recent study about 92% of millennials and Gen Z wish to receive the gift of travel or an experience like a sporting event or concert rather than material items. However, gifting travel is kind of difficult. But Hopper just took that difficulty and transformed it into convenient gift cards that will bring the joy of travel to your family and friends. Hopper will offer gift cards on flights, hotels, and other things related to travel, so scurry on to their website when the holidays are near and snag the cards you think will make your loved ones happy. Make sure to select a gift card that makes sense for the person you are giving it to.

Gifting someone a $100 airline card who can’t afford the cost for the rest of the travel will result in you wasting money and them being disappointed. Similarly, a gift card for Disney won’t bring one much joy who doesn’t have the finances to get to Disneyland or Disney World. So, despite the increasing demand for travel gifts, put a little effort and be sure to get the gift that will benefit the receiver. 

Hopper Will Offer Gift Cards for the Holidays


The travel industry strives hard to incorporate innovation and novelty. When travelers found out that Hopper would offer gift cards for the holidays, containing excitement became one of the most difficult tasks. The whole point about travel is sharing the experience and what better way to share the experience than to gift a gift card this holiday season to your loved ones so that they can visit the places around the world that you adore? 

Hopper’s gift cards also come as a reprieve as the holiday season is almost upon us and with the holidays comes the influx in prices of plane tickets and hotels. It is expected that the flights for Thanksgiving will get about 12 percent more expensive as compared to last year. Therefore, consider gifting your loved ones gift cards on flights, so that they can fly in peace this year without having to worry about money. 

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