Disneyland Increased its Prices Once Again: Another Blow to the Bank in 2023

Inflation is the one main aspect of 2023 that will be remembered till the end of time. Despite being the happiest place on earth, Disneyland might not be the most pocket-friendly one as an announcement was made that rocked the world of Disney fans: Disneyland increased its prices once again.
Disneyland Increased its Prices

Disneyland Increased its Prices Once Again?

To enjoy that Mickey Mouse magic again, Disney fanatics will have to empty their pockets and live on instant noodles for a while. From parking to purchasing annual passes, fans wishing to visit the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, must be prepared to cough up hundreds of dollars.

The increase in prices was announced and went into effect on 11th October, Wednesday. This also happens to be the same date on which Disneyland increased its prices last year for the two theme parks i.e., Disneyland Park and the California Adventure Park. However, even though Disneyland increased its prices, there is a silver lining, the price for a single-day one-park ticket on Tier 0 days (days with the lowest attendance) remains the same at $104. So, plan your visit wisely if you don’t want to go broke. 

Disneyland Increased its Prices – Some Basic Increases

Doesn’t matter if you are a regular or a newbie, navigating Disney’s packages, options, and upgrades can be a real labyrinth and might subject you to a migraine or two. The ultimate price of visiting the place depends on several factors such as the of days you will spend there, the number of people in your group, their ages, the time of the year you visit the park, whether you opt for Park Hopper or skip-the-line options, etc.

Therefore, it is difficult to predict just how much a trip to Disneyland will cost and the final out-of-pocket tally is unique to every visitor. However, given below are some of the basic increases that will help you get a general idea of the cost of the visit. 

One-day, One-Park pickets Per Person 

Disneyland Tickets

As mentioned before, even though Disneyland increased its prices. The hike does not apply to single-day, one-park, Tier 0 tickets, which remain priced at $104. If, however, you opt to visit Disneyland on Tier 1 days, the trip will cost you $119, a $5 increase from the previous price. Keep in mind that one-day, one-park tickets go all the way up to Tier 6, which are the most expensive days, and as Disneyland increased its prices if you opt for a one-day, one-park Tier 6 ticket, it will set you back $194. Previously the cost of the one-day, one-park ticket for Tier 6 days was $179. 

Multiday Passes

The tier system does not apply to multiday passes and will cost you the same whether you set reservations for slow times during mid-September to mid-January or for busy times, like Christmas or Halloween week. After Disneyland increased its prices, the cost of multiday passes hiked to:

  • Two-day ticket – After the increase, $310. Before the increase, $285
  • Three-day ticket – After the increase, $390. Before the increase, $360
  • Four-day ticket – After the increase, $445. Before the increase, $395
  • Five-day ticket – After the increase, $480. Before the increase, $415

Park Hopper Access

The Park Hopper access add-on is what allows you to go back and forth between the two theme parks at Disneyland California on the same day. And as expected the price of Park Hopper also increased. However, for a one-day ticket, the price remains the same which is $65. Let’s take a look at the hike in Park Hopper price after Disneyland increased its prices:

  • Two-day Park Hopper add-on – Now, $65, was, $60
  • Three-day Park Hopper add-on – Now $70, was, $60
  • Four-day Park Hopper add-on – Now $70, was, $60
  • Five-day Park Hopper add-on – Now $75, was, $60

Annual Passes

Disneyland Annual Pass

Annual passes at Disneyland are referred to as Magic Key Passes and are particularly popular with die-hard visitors and locals. The less expensive annual passes include more block-out dates, whereas the more expensive ones come who more date options. Let’s take a look at the hiked cost of annual passes:

  • Imagine Magic Key – Now $499, was $499
  • Enchant Magic Key – Now $849, was $699
  • Believe Magic Key – Now $1,249, was $1,099
  • Inspire Magic Key – Now $1,649, was $1,599

Other Price Increases

Disneyland Genie+

Disney also offers a line-skipping feature called Disney Genie+ that allows you to bypass long queues at popular attractions. Now, if you purchase this add-on pre-arrival it will cost you $30 instead of $25, which was the price of Genie+ before Disneyland increased its prices. You can also purchase the Genie+ upon arrival, but the price can be even higher depending on the line waits. Also, the price of parking went up to $35 from $30 for standard parking and to $55 from $50 for preferred parking. 

Why Disneyland Increased its Prices Once Again?

Inflation has become a literal nightmare, taking its toll on the hard earning citizens. Nothing is safe from the dark cloud of inflation including leisure and travel destinations like Disneyland. Disney spokesperson Jessica Good stated:

“We are constantly adding new, innovative attractions and entertainment to our parks and, with our broad array of pricing options, the value of a theme park visit is reflected in the unique experiences that only Disney can offer,” 

According to longtime Disney observer Munsil, the hike in these prices is to manage park crowds and steer visitors away from high-attendance dates to low-attendance dates. Munsil said:

“The broader message for the past several years is that Disney is trying to optimize park attendance to get a better experience for people paying full prices for a ticket and to maximize revenue,” Munsil continued, “They’d love to get more people in the low season and don’t need more in the high season. … I would expect more of this going forward.”

Disneyland Increased its Prices, What of Disney World Florida?

On the fateful day of October 11, Disneyland wasn’t the only place that hiked its prices. Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, which harbors four theme parks and is even bigger than Disneyland, also increased some prices. Walt Disney World Florida hiked the price of yearly passes by 10%, with the most expensive one selling for $1,449. Standard parking prices have also increased from $25 to $30. However, a piece of good news for fans, Disney World is not increasing the price of daily pass tickets.

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