Snag Major Savings on Your Next Flight via an Under-the-Radar Delta Booking Hack

Do you know that you can snag major savings on your next flight via an under-the-radar Delta booking hack? So, this festive season make sure to save some bucks on airfare via this tactful hack. 
Snag Major Savings on Your Next Flight via an Under-the-Radar Delta Booking Hack

Under the Radar Delta Booking Hack 

Vivian - Your rich BFF

If you are traveling for the holidays or have an upcoming flight with Delta, you can save some serious cash on your airfare, even if you have already bought the ticket. This week, Vivian also known as Your Rich BFF on social media shared an under-the-radar Delta booking hack that can aid savvy travelers in getting a future travel credit in case the price of the flight drops, even after hutting pay.  

Vivian explained in the post that after travelers have booked their flight with Delta, they need to find the exact same flight on Google Flights. Once that’s done, the next thing travelers will have to do is turn on the “track prices” button will automatically notify the travelers through email. in case the price drops 

After turning on the “Track Prices” button if you get the email, that’s when the hack comes in. Vivian explained:

“Go to the app or the website of Delta, find your flight, and pretend like you’re going to modify your flight,” 

“I say pretend because you’re going to keep all your information the same: flight date and flight number,” Vivian added.

Once you hit the modify button, you will see on your screen a list of new potential flight options, that will also include the one you are already booked on. 

“You’re just going to find that same flight and then put yourself on it again,” Vivian continued. “But what you’ll realize is that if your flight has dropped in price and you put yourself back on it, you’ll get an eCredit for the difference — and then you can use that money for another flight!”

Does the Delta Booking Hack Work?

booking hack

There are many travelers around the globe who have claimed to have tried this hack by Vivian and stated that it worked splendidly for them. Even Delta states on their website that:

“If you select a new flight that is less than the price of your original flight, you will receive an eCredit for the difference that you can redeem toward future travel.”

Therefore, with the help of Vivian’s Delta booking hack, travelers will be able to receive that eCredit even if the price of their original flight goes down. In today’s era of inflation and skyrocketing airfare, these kinds of hacks can prove to be a lifesaver Vivian picked the right time to share this Delta booking hack with the world as the festive season is right around the corner and many of us will be booking flights to go celebrate with our loved ones. 

An important thing to know and remember is that in case you have booked a basic economy ticket; you would not be able to make any changes. The basic enemy is Delta’s most restrictive fare class, which means that its fares are not prone to change and are also non-refundable in most cases. 

One final tip when you try out the Delta booking hack is to write down the eCredit number as well as the voucher amount immediately as you do not want to lose out on it. Keep in mind that Delta eCredits are valid for one year from the day of the booking of the original flight and you can use up to five per booking. This festive season snag major savings on your next flight via this Delta booking hack and find some reprieve amid the chaos of inflation.

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