A Joint US Promotional Campaign is Driving Travellers to Croatia and Slovenia

A Joint US Promotional campaign is driving travellers to Croatia and Slovenia.  The campaign “ Naturally Yours – Taste, Feel, Love” aims to strengthen the position of Croatia and Slovenia as attractive year-round tourist destinations.
A Joint US Promotional Campaign is Driving Travellers to Croatia and Slovenia

A Joint US Promotional Campaign is Driving Travellers to Croatia and Slovenia   

Elevate 2023 Conference

The National Tourist Board of Croatia and the Slovenian Tourist Board, in collaboration with the European Travel Commission, are continuing their joint promotional campaign called “Naturally Yours – Taste, Feel, Love”. At the Elevate 2023 Conference that was held in New York in October, a total of 40 hospitality partners that included tour operators, hotels, attractions, and destinations represented the travel benefits that Croatia and Slovenia have to offer, all the while growing and strengthening their relationships with fellow travel advisors across individual meeting appointments. 

The joint workshop served as the final milestone of the campaign, the aim of which is to strengthen Croatia and Slovenia’s attractive year-round vacation destinations for travelers from the United States. The director of the Croatian National Tourism Board, Kristjan Staničić said:

“We have excellent cooperation with our colleagues from the Slovenian Tourist Organization, as well as the European Travel Commission, which financially supports the activities of this joint promotional campaign.”

Kristjan Staničić added that representation plays a major role in the implementation of Croatian activities in New York. 

“Croatia and Slovenia have behind them many successfully realized projects in a joint presentation in distant markets such as China and Australia, and on this occasion in America we are highlighting parts of the offer related to natural heritage, active tourism, enogastronomy, culture, and sustainable travel,” he explained. “We are sure that we will continue to further bring our countries closer to numerous American travel enthusiasts, but also to Europe as a whole as the most popular travel destination on a global level.”

Maja Park, director of the Slovenian Tourists Board also added a few words stating:

“Data from U.S. luxury tourism associations highlights the immense interest of upscale U.S. guests in boutique, tailor-made, sustainable experiences, with a growing interest in gastronomy.

“These are precisely the areas where Slovenian tourism truly shines. At the STB, based on the remarkable potential of the U.S. market, we have been engaged in an array of promotional and communication activities and will continue to do so also in the future.”

Maja went on to stress the vital importance that cooperation with neighboring countries holds in promoting activities in distant markets, all the while explaining that:

“guests from distant markets often want to explore more than one country on their journeys. Following our successful joint appearances with the Croatian National Tourist Board in Asia and Australia in the years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first time we are joining forces in the U.S. We are truly grateful to our Croatian colleagues for cooperation, and we look forward to welcoming more American tourists to our enchanting destinations.”

Croatia and Slovenia

According to the National Tourist Board of Croatia, the end-of-year visitors have already surpassed the 2019 statistics by a total of 12%. According to system data eVisitor, in Coratia, over 190 arrivals and more than 503 overnight stays have been achieved from the United States market so far. Which, when compared to the same period last year revealed a growth of 54% in arrivals and 34% in overnight stays. On the other hand, by August 2023, overnight stays in Slovenia revealed a growth of 32% in arrivals and 30% in overnight stays as compared to the same period in 2022.

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