Brightline Makes Traveling Around Florida Cheaper and Easier

Brightline makes traveling around Florida cheaper and easier by offering a brand-new All-Station Pass that travelers can share with family and friends.
Brightline makes traveling around Florida cheaper and easier

Brightline Makes Traveling Around Florida Cheaper and Easier  

Brightline tickets

When it comes to the public transportation system, many find Florida lacking. Until recently the means Floridians and visitors had for traveling from Miami to Orlando were airplanes, Greyhound buses, and cars. But now Florida has a brand-new addition to the transportation family, and it might just turn the tables of Florida’s public transportation system: the Brightline train. The advent of Brightline makes traveling around Florida Cheaper and Easier. Those who experienced the train state that not only are its train stations a vision to behold, and immaculately clean, but the trains are an epitome of luxury and comfort.  

Brightline Train Tickets 

The basic (Smart) fare of Brightline from Miami to Orlando starts at $70, and the Premium fare at $149. Kids aged under 24 months can travel for free on an adult’s lap, whereas minors aged 12 and under have to be accompanied by an adult to travel on the train. Teens from ages 13 to 17 can travel on their own, unaccompanied. Children receive a 50% discount on Smart fare and numerous discounts are also available for students and larger groups. 

A Smart fare comes with:

  • Onboard WI-FI
  • Hand-stitched, comfortable leather seats
  • Onboard beverages and snacks available for purchase
  • Each seat comes with multiple power and USB Type-A and Type-C outlets. 

Premium fare includes:

  • Complimentary Brightline+ car rides within a five-mile radius of Brightline stations 
  • Premium Lounge access at the departure station 
  • Spacious seats
  • Complementary onboard beverages and snacks
Brightline snacks

Keep in mind that reservations are required to board the train that can be made either on the Brightline website, the app, or at kiosks in the terminal. 

Passes and Perks – Brightline Makes Traveling Around Florida Cheaper and Easier  

Brightline first made its debut in 2018 with a service between West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Afterward, it added service to Aventura and Boca Raton. As of this year, Brightline makes traveling around Florida cheaper and easier by extending its service to Orlando. Apart from the existing perks, the rail line launched a 3-month pass that can be shared among friends and family.

This pass known as the All-Station Shared Pass starts at $1,199 and offers access to all of Brightline’s stations. The card offers a total of 12 rides over the course of 3 months. Moreover, the new pass does not come with unexpected blackout dates or fees. The SVP of marketing and commercial strategy at Brightline, Barbara Drahl said in a statement:

“The All-Station Shared Pass is designed for guests who plan to travel frequently between South Florida and Orlando and want ultimate flexibility to book trips on demand with consistent fare rates and no unexpected fees or blackout dates.

“The pass can be shared to book rides for friends, family, and colleagues, putting guests in control to embark on adventures, business meetings, and cherished family getaways with ease.”

Holders of All-Station Shared Pass can choose either the Smart or the Premium fare. Smart fare comes with its own perks, but if priority boarding and complimentary food are your priority then Premium is the way to go. 

In addition to the new All-Station pass, Brightline also offers SoFlo Solo Pass for 40 rides to South Florida stations. The SoFlo Solo Pass starts at just $399. There is also a SoFlo Shared Pass for 12 rides, and it is priced at $229. 

Brightline Makes Traveling Around Florida Cheaper and Easier – Concluding Statement 

Brightline seats

In the olden days getting around Florida encompassed a tale of misery, discomfort, and expense, however, now, thanks to Brightline, traveling around Florida has become a unique and memorable experience. Brightline makes traveling around Florida cheaper and easier with its premium quality trains, onboard services, passes, and numerous other perks. Some might find the train to be a bit expensive, but once you experience it, check out its perks, and do the math, you will find that it’s a lot more affordable than you think.  

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