Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

While most of us scour the travel market to find accommodation deals, budget-friendly flight tickets, and travel packages or lie in wait for the low season to roll around to go on a vacation, the rich and famous play a different sort of game. For celebrities and billionaires, life is all about enjoying the fine and luxurious things in life without worrying about budget or breaking the bank, focusing only on sophistication and exclusivity. Some of the luxe things that catch the eye of these A-list individuals are secluded hotels, private yachts, private island resorts and beaches, five-star suites, luxurious meals, and perfectly textured landscapes. 

A thought must be circling around your head that which vacation destinations pique the interest of these A-listers and meet their sky-high standards. Therefore, in this article, we will address this thought of yours and tell you about the best places where the rich and famous vacation. 

Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

1. Los Cabos, Mexico – Most Sought-After among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Los Cabos - Rich and Famous vacation destination

Among the best places where the rich and famous vacation, Los Cabos in Mexico is the most coveted one. The destination is known for its golf courses, thrilling tours, and spa. One thing about Los Cabos that pulls the rich and famous is its diversity, accumulating dramatic rock outcroppings, a stunning natural environment, a beautiful coastline, and a desert in one sleek package.

When in Los Cabos you will see the A-listers embarking on a culinary tour as the vacation destination offers a one-of-a-kind experience with its myriad of luxury resorts. It is a famous vacation sport because rich people adore exclusivity and luxury above all else and it ticks both of these boxes. With all of these exquisite offerings it’s easy to understand why Los Cabos is one of the best places where the rich and famous vacation. 

Speaking of its magnetic powers, Los Cabos was once visited by Hollywood star George Clooney, who fell in love with it to such an extent that he ended up budling a vacation home there. Also, Clooney’s close friends Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, were also wowed by the beauty of Los Cabos and built vacation homes of their own next to Clooney’s.

Moreover, a top-rated and utterly classy resort in Los Cabos, Las Ventanas Al Paraiso, has attracted the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and of course Los Cabos’ lover, George Clooney. Los Cabos was introduced to Aniston by her ex-husband Brad Pitt and even though it’s been years since the two divorced, Los Cabos left a lasting impression on the actress so much so that she visits the place quite frequently.

Las Ventanas Al Paraiso acts like a celebrity magnet, attracting them via its luxurious services and shimmering amenities that are hard to find at other resorts. For example, the guests staying at Las Ventanas Al Paraiso can enjoy a three-yacht fleet if they wish to go out sightseeing. Moreover, they can also opt to be picked up at the airport in a VIP motorcade that features the luxe Mercedes G-Class SUVs.

2. Turtle Island, Fiji – Most Exclusive among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Turtle Island

The demand to visit Turtle Island is sky-high as only 28 guests are allowed at a time, making it one of the most exclusive destinations among the best places where the rich and famous vacation. Moreover, the cost of visiting the place is so much that only a few can afford it, which also adds to the exclusivity of Turtle Island. The place is deemed special because it surrounds its guests in a relaxing and cool breeze and offers splendid views of Fiji Island and Blue Lagoon along with fresh seafood, nurturing their soul, mind, and body. Plus, those visiting Turtle Island can also get access to 12 private beaches. 

As Tuttle Island is quite exclusive and expansive, paparazzi cannot reach the island, which makes it a great place for the celebrities to vacation without having the camera lens pointed at their faces. Also due to its beauty and spectacularism, Turtle Island was chosen as the filming spot for the movie “The Blue Lagoon” which featured top actors Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. The movie hit the cinemas in 1980 and quickly grabbed the attention of A-listers, with many like Pierce Brosnan, Tommy Lee, Eddie Van Helen, and Pamela Anderson visiting the island to see it in real life. 

3. St. Barthelemy, French West Indies – Luxuriously Tranquil among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

St. Barthelemy, French West Indies

St. Barthelemy also known as St. Barts is applauded around the world for its tranquil atmosphere, luxurious lifestyle, and first-class cuisine that will make your stomach grumble in delight. Those who vacation here are treated to a plethora of activities which include snorkeling and sunbathing. Moreover, guests coveting a more luxurious vibe can book a yacht and enjoy the beautiful sunset of St. Barts. One aspect that makes this Caribbean Island one of the best places where the rich and famous vacation is its exclusivity as the place is not open for mass tourism. Here you will not come across anything affordable or cheap, including fast food chains. 

Despite being expensive, the island offers much-needed privacy to those who have the ability to foot the bill. If you are wondering whose rich feet touched the golden sands of St. Barthelemy then you will be happy to know that Leonardo DiCaprio and his then girlfriend, aged almost 25, Camila Morrone vacationed in St. Barts. Moreover, the billionaire Jeff Bezos was also spotted on the beautiful island. 

In the year 2021, the Amazon tycoon and Lauren Sanchez spent their Christmas vacation on the island where they were spotted hiking and relaxing on a superyacht. 

4. Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands – Most Accessible among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands

It is very easy to access the Dominican Republic from the United States and Europe, which makes it a great vacation destination for the rich and famous. For example, those traveling from New York will arrive in the Dominican Republic in four hours, whereas for Europe tourists that flight takes about 8 hours. Once you land in the Dominican Republic you will be greeted by miles of coastline, awe-inspiring resorts, immaculate beaches, delicious food, and stunning national parks. The Dominican Republic is quite famous among the Kardashians, Especially Kim Kardashian. Many of Kim’s viral bikini-clad photos you might have seen on her Instagram were taken on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.

Another great spot in the Dominican Republic that is frequented by many celebrities including the Kardashians is the Casa de Campo resort. The glorious resort houses on its premises, three golf courses, luxurious restaurants, a yacht club, a shooting course, and well as a plethora of other mind-blowing amenities. Apart from the Kardashians, celebrities like Beyonce, Pharell Williams, and Pitbull have also vacationed in the resort.    

5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Most Luxurious among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

All around the world, Dubai is known for its mind-blowing architecture, luxurious shopping, and vibrant nightlife, and these are the aspects that attract the rich and famous to it. Fortunately, Dubai is the kind of place that harbors tons of things for vacationers who have a tight budget which also makes it one of the best places for the broke and unfamous. Apart from budgeters, celebrities and billionaires are drawn towards Dubai like a month to a flame.

The destination offers its visitors many things to do like helicopter rides, glamping, dhow cruises, and desert tours as well as an opportunity to eat at the most luxe restaurants in the world. Superstars like Robert de Niro and Justin Bieber frequent the place. Moreover, Will Smith, an Oscar-winning actor was also spotted celebrating his 50th birthday at this exotic destination. The superstar shared with his fans, videos of his exciting moments at the Deep Dive Dubai which is a 60-meter-deep swimming poll, the deepest in the world.  

Tommy Furry and Molly-Mae Hague also make the list of celebrities who vacationed in Dubai. The two booked accommodations at the grandly luxurious hotel, Jumeirah Al Naseem which charges its guests up to 1,200 Euros a night and were also spotted spending some quality time on Jumeirah Beach. Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy top-notch amenities as well as stunning views of the Burj Khalifa. Another celebrity couple visited who Dubai for their vacation was Chris Taylor and Maura Higgins. The two spent their entire vacation going on boat tours and parting at rooftop bars. 

6. Lake Como, Italy – The Most Serene among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Lake Como, Italy

The most serene destination among the best places where the rich and famous vacation is Lake Como in Italy as it strongly discourages mass tourism and strides are made to preserve the place in its natural beautiful form. Apart from its exclusivity, another feature of Lake Como that stands out is its host of shades that the environment features. This implies that no matter from which position you capture the pictures, they will come out looking beautiful and Instagrammabale. The magical place is surrounded by mountains rocks and glistening water that gives it unfathomable beauty. 

Due to its beauty and unique landscape, Lake Como attracts wealthy and rich people to its soil among which are also Roman emperors. The alluring Lake Como is so mesmerizingly beautiful that many celebrities like George Clooney, Richard Branson, Ronaldinho, Gianni Versace, and Madonna purchased villas by its shores. Lake Como is also home to several other lakeside villas that are available for rent, among which some can be used as private wedding venues while others are opulent hotels that only a very few can afford. Avril Lavigne and Philip Sarofim were also spotted vacationing in the beautiful place. 

7. Aspen, United States – Winter Wonderland among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Aspen, United States

Aspen is the ultimate winter vacation destination for the rich and famous and commoners alike. It is a celebrity hotspot that attracts A-listers by showcasing its luxe villas, Rocky Mountain peaks, and skiing. Apart from skiing, there are several other activities that tourists can engage in. In the warmer months, visitors can opt for horseback riding, hot-air ballooning, paragliding, fly fishing, and rock climbing. Once you are done exploring the place and enjoying its many activities you can fuel up by visiting its world-class restaurants that serve scrumptious meals. 

Aspen is the kind of place that A-listers from all walks of life frequent when the winter season rolls around. It’s not just Aspen’s activities that make it covetable, but its beauty paired with luxurious hotels that make it one of the best places where the rich and famous vacation. A-listers like Elton John, Kanye West, and Jack Nicholson have been seen vacationing in the area. The top hotels where celebrities prefer to stay are Viceroy Snowmass Hotel, The Little Nell, and Hotel Jerome.

Hotel Jerome is one that oozes class and elegance from every corner and has hosted the likes of Bill Murray and Jack Nicholson. Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West, along with their daughter North West also visited Aspen to spend some quality time together. The A-list family booked the St. Regis Hotel which features an interior personalized by Ralph Lauren. Other famous celebrities that this hotel hosted are Uma Thurman and Paris Hilton.

8. Bora Bora, French Polynesia – Most Exquisite among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is an exquisite island getaway that features world-class hotels and overwater bungalows. The A-listers frequently visit the paradisiac place to spend their vacations. The overwater bungalows are one of its most expectational features as along with offering stunning views they also provide the guests with the utmost luxury and comfort. Image having the ability to view natural features and underwater life via a glass-bottom floor from the comforts of your bed. 

In Bora Bora, one of the most luxurious places that one can visit for a wedding anniversary or honeymoon is the Four Seasons Resort, and many A-listers have done just that. By booking this hotel, guests start enjoying its luxurious amenities straight from the airport as they are picked up by a private water taxi and are then taken to the resort. The Four Seasons Resort also houses a helicopter landing pad for the guests who opt to fly to the resort. 

Due to its topnotch amenities, it comes as no surprise that the place has caught the eye and attracted many millionaires and celebrities alike. Jason Bateman, Jimmy Kimmel, Shayne Lamas, Jennifer Anniston, and tons of other superstars frequent the resort to spend vacations in style and luxury.

Paris Hilton, who is a model, and a media personality is also a frequent visitor of Bora Bora and even spent her honey at Conard Hotel St. Regis Resort. Conard Hotel St. Regis Resort is another celebrity hotspot in Bora Bora and has welcomed many A-listers including Carrie Underwood and Nicole Kidman. 

9. Mykonos, Greece – A Party Place among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos in Greece is a popular part spot among billionaires and celebrities where they don’t mind in the least splurging on themselves. From golden beaches to Mykonian architecture, Mykonos is a picturesque place that should be visited by every traveler at least once if they have the money for it. The island harbors aspects that suit the taste buds of all kinds of travelers. If you are one who loves to shop while traveling, then Mykonos is the place to be. Mykonos is house to many luxury stores, art galleries, and goldsmith boutiques. Also, history buffs will find many archeological sites where they can learn about local traditions and the history of Greece. 

Some of the celebrities that have been seen vacationing on this Greek Island are Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, and Leonardo DiCaprio. For decades, Mykonos has been establishing its image as a luxurious destination. The Greek Island was made an exceptionally popular vacation destination for the rich and famous when in the 1960s Grace Kelly and French actress Brigitte Bardot vacationed here.

If you swim in money and partying is what you covet then a visit to the Billionaire nightclub is a must. The nightclub offers an out-of-the-ordinary electrifying experience and entertainment that comprises world-class singers, acrobats, and dancers. You can also enjoy a scrumptious meal here that is presented with a touch of class. Billionaire Elon Musk along with Ari Emanuel and Sarah Staudinger have also been seen vacationing on a yacht in Mykonos. 

10. Maui, Hawaii – The Most Glorious among the Best Places Where the Rich and Famous Vacation

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a paradisaic island that is best known for its beaches and whale-watching. The island treats its guests to the finest cuisines and the most glorious sunsets. Its magnificent beaches feature soft sand where sunbathing is the order of the day. Other activities that you can engage in when visiting Maui are zip lining, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, and paddle boarding. If you wish to view the island in luxurious style you can also opt for a helicopter tour. 

Among the many celebrities that visited Maui the most prominent ones are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The two visited the island while they were dating and their pictures jet skinning and parasailing in Maui still set the internet on fire to this very day. Kate Hudson along with her mother also visited Maui and enjoyed a yacht vacation there. 

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