Alaska Airlines Will Launch a New Cross-Country Route

In March 2024, Alaska Airlines will launch a new cross-country route from Portland, Oregon to Nashville, Tennessee.
From Portland to Nashville - Alaska Airlines Will Launch a New Cross-Country Route

From Portland to Nashville – Alaska Airlines Will Launch a New Cross-Country Route

Alaska Airlines Will Launch a New Cross-Country Route

Alaska Airlines will launch a new cross-country route in the coming year as it continues to grow its Portland hub. From March 14, 2024, Alaska Airlines planes will start flying the route between Nashville and Portland, on a daily basis. The airline that has severed the city of Portland for over 20 years, will connect it with Nashville, with flights operating year around, departing in the morning from Portland before leaving Nashville in the late afternoon. In 2024, Nashville will become Alaska Airlines’ 53rd destination from Portland with the launch of the new cross-country route. The vice president of revenue management and network planning for Alaska Airlines, Kirsten Amrine said in a statement:

“We’re always focused on better connecting the Pacific Northwest with new nonstops in our network. 

“We know there’s a strong desire by our guests for an easier way to travel between Portland and Nashville. Our new flight will link a pair of exciting regions that both have wide-ranging, festive entertainment and sports scenes as well as growing business centers.”

Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft

Alaska Airlines’ newest Boring 737-9 MAX aircraft which can seat about 178 passengers been given the honour of the inaugural flight, and will set off on March 14, next year carrying passengers, from Portland to Nashville along the new cross-country route. The Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft is one of the elitist planes that the Alaska Airlines harbour and features refreshed first-class seats. Alaska Airlines also confirmed that those traveling first class on the 14th of March from Portland to Nashville will be given complimentary breakfast. While those flying from Nashville to Portland will be served complimentary dinner. 

Alaska Airlines – A New Beginning 

Throughout 2027, Alaska Airlines will continue to receive deliveries of more than 50 Boring 737 MAX aircraft. The carrier however stated that the newly delivered aircrafts will operate without Wi-Fi for a short time. However, when the jets get equipped with high-speed satellite Wi-Fi, passengers will be able to purchase it for $8 for the entire duration of the fight. Apart from launching this new cross-country route, Alaska Airlines has also been steadily increasing other flights from its Portland hub to other destinations nationwide. This week, the airline will inaugurate a year-round, daily service to Miami and will also resume its seasonal hop to Bend, Oregon, on the day of Thanksgiving. 

Alaska Airlines serves more than 120 destinations that are spread across the United States of America, Mexico, Canada, and beyond. It will also be launching a brand-new service to two destinations i.e., Guatemala and the Bahamas. In the year 2021, Alaska Airlines also joined the Oneworld alliance, which allows passengers to travel to more than 1,000 destinations all the while earning milage points, that they can redeem for partner airlines such as British Airways and American Airlines. 

Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card

Moreover, those who frequently utilize the service of Alaska Airlines, can save big amount of money by opting for the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card that is number one among the best airline credit cards with companion tickets. The credit card offers companion fare benefits as well as great fee waivers that will help the holder save lots of money. The Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card holder can get about 60,000 bonus miles as well as priority boarding along with a plethora of other advantages. 

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