Introverts on Board: 5 Best Cruise Lines for Introverts

In this article we will list down the five best cruise lines for introverts, so if you are an introvert keep on reading to find out what these cruise lines have to offer and how they will make your stay on the waves comfortable and relaxing.

Let’s be real here, most of us are introverts and the thought of socializing and mingling with people is enough to send us running out the back door. Now when we think of cruising, the first image that pops into our mind is that of sunsets, serenity, and ultra-comfort, but that isn’t always the case with most cruise ships. Sure, they are big enough for you to find some quiet nook and cranny, but they are filled to the brim with people, people who covet socializing above all else, which is an introvert’s nightmare.

So, we thought about helping you out. All our dear introverts, this article is for you. Let’s explore the best cruise lines for introverts, that will give you ample personal space, and alone time.

5 Best Cruise Lines for Introverts – Overview

1. Celebrity Solstice Cruises – #1 among the Best Cruise Lines for Introverts

Celebrity Cruises

One of the top best cruise lines for introverts, which is applauded for its comfort and great service is Celebrity Cruises, especially their Celebrity Solstice ships. These ships are designed for optimum relaxation and comfort, harboring plenty of lounge areas for you to kick back with a book and a cup of tea. Moreover, if you want some quiet time away from all the social activities, the ships offer plenty of quiet spaces.

The Celebrity Solstice ships give off an intimate feeling, like a boutique hotel floating on waves. Another great gem that these ships house is libraries that are filled with stacks upon stacks of books. These libraries are an ideal spot for reading, writing, relaxing, or simply enjoying the view. And you will also be happy to know that there is no shortage of entertainment choices on board.

So, if you are in search of a cruise that will offer you ultra-relaxation away from the hordes of people, then Celebrity Solstice should be your top pick. As being the number one cruise among the best cruise lines for introverts, Celebrity makes sure that you feel right at home.

2. Viking Cruise Ships – Most Relaxing among the Best Cruise Lines for Introverts

Viking Cruise

For those who want to escape the busyness of life and just relax with the sun on their face and wind in their hair, Viking Ocean Cruise ships are ideal. The ships offer comfortable spaces, surrounded by a casual atmosphere that will help you relax, unwind, and release all your tensions in the sea breeze.

Moreover, these ships don’t allow kids under 18 on board, which means that you can expect a mature and relaxed environment without the clutter and clatter of children running around. The Viking ships also offer quiet and intimate dining options, for you to enjoy your meal in comfort.

3. Crystal Cruises – Most intimate among the Best Cruise Lines for Introverts

Crystal Cruises

Originally built for the Asian cruise market, Crystal Cruises are quite popular among Asian cruisers. Crystal Cruises is one of the best cruise lines for introverts as they go above and beyond to make their guests feel at home. They prioritize comfort above all else, providing great service that makes one feel like royalty.

The ships mostly host older crowds, so you don’t have to worry about late-night shenanigans and wild antics. Moreover, the cruise line also has activities that are designed especially for introverts like yoga, wellness seminars, and cooking classes. So, if you covet relaxation and comfort and want to feel pampered while on vacation then Crystal Cruises is ideal for you.

4. Cunard Cruises – Ultra-Luxurious is among the Best Cruise Lines for Introverts

Cunard Cruises

If you want to cruise in elegance and sophistication, then Cunard Cruises is the best one for you. Dating back to 1840 when Cunard was the shipping company that carried the British Royal family, the cruise line now offers royal treatment to its guests. Cunard Cruises was made a part of the best cruise lines for introverts due to its classic and old-fashioned feel combined with an air of comfort. Their Queen ships are the largest ones in the feel and offer elegant interiors that evoke feelings of splendor and royalty.

This cruise line also hosts an older crowd, who board the ship just to have some quiet time, relax, and unwind on the sea in luxury. Cunard offers modern amenities to its guests and houses plenty of entertainment options like a spa, theater, and much more. Moreover, they also house large libraries and offer plenty of quiet spots on deck where you can treat with a book and a drink and enjoy the scenery as you flip through the pages.

5. Virgin Voyages – Solitary among the Best Cruise Lines for Introverts

Virgin Voyagers

Virgin Voyages is regarded as one of the best cruise lines for introverts as they go above and beyond to provide them with solitude, comfort, and relaxation. For those who don’t want to get out of their rooms to eat, the cruise line offers an app called Ship Eats, that lets passengers order their food straight to their rooms.

They also have a SIP Lounge on board where you can sit back with a glass of champagne and relax. If you are looking for some solitary fun, Virgin Voyagers has a karaoke lounge called The Groupie where you can book a private room and sing the night away. Moreover, for the utmost relaxation, you can treat yourself to a spa day at the Redemption Spa and have the masseuse massage your tensions away. 

Top 10 Best Luxury Cruise Lines

If you are in search of the best luxury cruise lines, please refer to our article where we have listed down the most grand, and luxurious cruise lines that you can book this vacation season and spend time like royalty as the waves carry you yo distant shores.

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